Study In Poland After Ninth Grade.

About 2,000 government technical schools in Poland train specialists in various fields. Modern offerings require computer science tours, etc. Graduates of Pakistani schools in the ninth and tenth grades choose a specific direction and apply to Poland for training in the country’s technical schools in the following specialties:

  • Economics – Business Accounting
  • Computer Science, Graphics, Computer Design – Programming, Communication, Broadband
  • Logistics Services – Organization of work of escort and evacuation stations and ports
  • Fashion industry
  • Tourism or commercial catering hotel industry
  • Renewable energy equipment
  • Metrology
  • Electrical appliances

It is interesting to note that in Poland, the names of professions along the indicated direction, after studying in a technical school, begin with the word “technical”, for example, in the tourism industry. Graduates of the respective technical schools are referred to as “Tourist Organization Technicians”, “Catering Technicians”, etc.

Educational institutions in Warsaw are influential among the public educational institutions providing education for university admissions in Poland. Through serious training – excellent teachers, innovative materials, and technical foundation. The academy gives you the option to choose a major. It will become the main focus of study in Polish universities. It also gives every international student the right to sponsorship. Admission to the best Polish academies for training in popular fields depends on the competitive selection of applicants.

In addition to the listed educational institutions, there are still some private educational institutions – with better living conditions and food. But tuition fees are not less than € 200 per month, excluding registration fees, hostel expenses, cafeteria services, etc.

Differences in enrollment in technical or educational schools in Poland

An important requirement for foreigners wishing to study at a Polish secondary school is the required level of knowledge of the Polish language in a technical school or educational institution – from A1 to B2. Also a special course in Polish. Therefore, at the end of a technical school in Poland, foreigners already speak and write the best in Polish. This will make admission to the university easier in the future.

The following are the documents required for enrollment in an educational or technical school in Poland:

  • Certified translated birth certificate;
  • Certificate of Completion of 9 Semesters;
  • Certificate of Proficiency in the Polish Language
  • Health certificate with detailed vaccination card
  • Copy of parent’s passport and travel permit for 9th-grade students

There will also be pictures of forms and information provided by prospective parents who are permanently and legally residing in Poland, representing the child’s interests in discussions with the technical school administration. A private school in Poland will independently assign parents to a study period when accepting foreigners for education.

What does a Polish diploma from an academic or technical school offer?

For those who have decided to pursue European higher education in Poland. Must pass the Matura test, which is similar to the Stars Academy entry test in Pakistan. Matura allows foreigners to enter Polish universities even after completing 11 semesters. But it will take at least a year or two to prepare for the post-school exam or special preparation course.

This is why it is most appropriate to enroll in a technical or educational school in Poland after 9th grade, and not just to learn Polish during the school year and to have a full secondary education. But to raise the level of knowledge in the school to the required level, it is enough to pass Matura while studying in a technical school in Poland, and Pakistani children also get internships in domestic and foreign companies. Learn English (as well as their preferred European language), travel to other EU countries, and prepare for university admission.

In addition, unlike the academies of Polish art schools, the young received both secondary education and a specialized profession. Yesterday’s Pakistani schoolchildren are adapting to Polish and European society. It grows rapidly and becomes independent. In Poland, attending a technical or educational school after the ninth grade instills a sense of youth in young people. Responsibility European thinking and other useful qualities for those who want to succeed in an international career.

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