Study Abroad in Australia: When and How To Apply?

Universities/schools of Australia are famous for giving quality education to students. But most people think that getting admission to them is very difficult. But this is a lie. You can easily get admission to these academic institutions by following a proper strategy/plan. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to learn when and how to apply for admission to Australian universities.

When to Apply for Admission to Australian Academic Institutions?

Australian academic institutions have intake twice in an academic year. The first intake of Australian academic institutions starts in February and ends in May. While the second intake starts in July and ends in November. So, make sure you keep all this in mind while submitting your application for admission to an Australian university.

How to Get Admission to an Australian Academic Institution?

Here’s how you can get admission to the academic institutions in the country:

Step 1: Research

Think about what you want to study, and which school or college you wish to attend. Moreover, decide in which city you want to study depending upon your lifestyle and budget. Why is it important? It is important because if you don’t do research then you may end up joining a course or college/school that does not satisfy your needs. Furthermore, make sure you compare your shortlisted courses before finalizing any course. This will help you in selecting the course that is most ideal for you. To learn about different available courses in Australia feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in India for Australia.

Step 2: Speak to a Counselor

Once you have done your research the next thing that you should do is speak to an overseas counselor. An overseas counselor is a professional expert who helps overseas students in getting admission to the academic course/institution of their choice. Simply, take your requirements lists and course preferences to a counselor. He will go through your requirements and offer the best possible solution for you.  Furthermore, he will check whether the course and university in which you want to study is ideal for you or not. Moreover, he will ensure that you can finish your admission process easily/quickly.

Step 3: Make Your Application

After finalizing your course and university it’s time to apply for admission. For this, you can take the help of your counselor. Overseas counselors have personal contact with foreign universities. Thus, by taking the help of a counselor you can easily boost your chances of getting admission to the university/college of your choice. However, if the university requires a student to get a certain score in IELTS then your counselor won’t be able to help you. So, make sure you keep all this in your mind while applying to the academic institution of your choice.

Step 4: Accept Your Offer

Once the university/college gets your application it will assess/examine it and if satisfied will send you an offer letter. However, Australian universities can take some time to process your application. This is mainly because they receive lots of applications every year. Thus, they might take some time to process your application and send you an offer letter. So, don’t get impatient if you don’t get a response from the university a few days after submitting your application.

Step 5: Apply for Visa

Once you get admission to the university/school of your choice it’s time you apply for a student visa. For this, you can again take the help of your Overseas Education counselor. He will help you become familiar with all the visa rules/regulations of Australia. Furthermore, he will also help you prepare yourself for the visa interview. Plus, he will make sure that you can complete your visa application process easily/quickly.


Now you are aware of how and when to apply for admission to Australian universities. So, carefully follow this guide if you wish to study at Australian academic institutions. By following this guide, you will be able to complete your admission process quickly/easily.

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