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In this contemporary world, we might have advanced in technology but somewhere our health is getting compromised in the race of competition. Today, most of the people you find are under some kind of stress. Call it hectic working lifestyle, studies, or business, this mental ailment has gripped people from all walks of life which also include children. They are pressurized in scoring excellent marks in their exam. 

Having so much stress breeds multiple health problems like insomnia, high blood pressure, headaches, pain in the chest, and infertility in men and women. Now it must have struck you how stress has to do with infertility. Well, it is true. Ask any health expert, and he/she will advise you not to take stress, or else it blocks the possibility of conceiving in women, and lowers sperm count in men. 

Whenever stress takes a toll on someone’s mental health, people usually look for an easy remedy to ward off it. And for that, they seek solace in drinking alcohol, as we have seen in films also. Let me tell you this is all bullshit that you have been doing with your health. It is not the case with only aged people. Some youngsters step on the wrong path of drugs to destress themselves. And again, I would say, they are ruining their life. 

Getting involved in excess alcohol drinking habits and drugs is not at all going to help you in beating stress. Moreover, you are adding more problems to your health. So why spoil your life with these unsafe habits. Some safe and natural remedies would help you in keeping stress at bay. Having them will make your mind calmer. Today, I am going to list down some of the best drinks that will keep you stress-free. 

Top 5 drinks that make you stress-free

The top 5 drinks that I am going to list down below have resulted positively. So let us begin with:

Green tea

When it comes to the top drinks to keep stress at bay, then Green tea comes as the top choice. This tea is made from Camellia sinensis plant leaves. It contains 2 main substances which are EGCG and L-theanine. Now comes the preparation part. Take a glass of water of 200 milliliters, and then add half a tablespoon of green tea leaves in powdered form. Before you start drinking, strain it well. 

Now let us understand the role of its two substances. EGCG is rich in antioxidants that help lessen the oxidative harm in cells and improvise the functioning of your body and brain. Coming on to another which is L-theanine, is an amino acid that adds a special flavor to the green tea and makes you feel relaxed. 

A study has proved that those who had a daily habit of drinking 4 cups of green tea were less prone to depression than those who don’t. When you drink this tea, it releases some chemicals called dopamine and serotonin. This helps in treating mental problems like stress and depression and increases your well-being. 

Coconut water

Coming on to the next top drink is coconut water. It is popular around the world for its amazing properties. Coconut is acquainted with rich sources like manganese, riboflavin, chlorides, potassium, calcium, electrolytes vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Drinking coconut water helps in lowering stress levels, proper sleep, improving blood circulation, boosting energy in your body, and muscle relaxation. It is also good for the functioning of the heart and aids prevents dehydration. 

Kava tea

Drinking kava tea will also help you in keeping stress away. This beverage is made from the plant root of Poper methysticum. The word kava is derived from awa, a Polynesian word that means bitter. Kava tea is not new. It has been preferred for a long time in Soloman islands, Vanuatu, Hawaii, and Tonga. If you are too stressed and tired from your hectic work lifestyle, then having a kava tea will help you from anxiety and stress. Plus, if you are not able to sleep properly, then kava tea comes as the best solution for it. 

But how to make it is the question that comes to your mind. Take a bowl, and pour hot water into it. Now put kava in a strainer bag. Then immerse this bag in the water for at least 15 minutes. After that, you need to add chamomile and lavender for additional flavor. Wait briefly until it gets cool. Then drink the infusion. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of kava powder in a cup of water and other added ingredients like coconut milk and soy milk to add taste and variety. 

Warm milk

If you are finding it hard to have a good sleep, then follow the age-old Indian tradition of drinking a glass of warm milk at bedtime. You will witness the change in your sleep. The reason for this is milk has a content called tryptophan, an amino acid, which is transferred into serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter that keeps your mood good and you will feel calm. 


A very simple drink to quench your thirst is water. Some people do not consume much water which makes them prone to dehydration. So do make a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water. It helps in blood flow to your veins and is also good for your skin in keeping its glow. And it is because water flushes out the waste toxins from our bodies. 

No need to rely upon any drug to ease your health problems. Know how to authenticate fake medicines by reading their expiry date, seal, and other important things. 

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