Silverlight is a stage for building rich Internet applications. This instructional exercise will make sense of the ideas driving Silverlight, and tell you the best way to incorporate it into your web application. In the wake of finishing this, you will have a superior comprehension of Silverlight applications utilizing XAML and C#.

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What is Silverlight

Silverlight is a program module intended to make rich Internet applications; Applications that spat a program resemble ordinary web applications, yet which endeavor to take the UI past HTML. For instance,

Silverlight is a structure for building rich, program facilitated applications that sudden spike in demand for an assortment of working frameworks.

It can likewise coincide with HTML. In this manner, Silverlight can upgrade existing web applications.

Silverlight does something amazing through program modules. At the point when you surf a site page that contains Silverlight content, this program module runs, executes code, and delivers that substance in an extraordinarily assigned region of the page.

The significant part is that the Silverlight module gives a more extravagant climate than the customary blend of HTML and JavaScript that powers typical pages.

You can construct Silverlight pages that play video, have equipment sped up 3D designs, and use vector movements.

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According to a designer’s perspective, the most intriguing component of Silverlight is that it brings the .NET Framework programming model to the client side of your web application.

Silverlight is intended to run inside pages, so it can run as a program module. It offers graphical types of assistance for delivering bitmaps, vector designs, superior quality video, and liveliness.

You can write in C#, or Visual Basic .NET, and utilize the .NET Framework class library elements to code that runs in an internet browser.

Silverlight UIs themselves utilize a model like Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the UI system in the full work area .NET Framework.

On the off chance that you know WPF, Silverlight is not difficult to learn. Silverlight is a lot more modest download. NET. It’s around one-10th the size, so just a subset of the class library exists, and different ramifications have been made for WPF’s models.

In spite of the low scope, experienced .NET engineers will promptly feel at ease in Silverlight.

Stage and program

The stages and programs upheld by Silverlight are –


Silverlight upholds Windows, as you would expect of a Microsoft item. This requires Windows XP Service Pack 2, at any rate, or ongoing variants of Windows.

More established adaptations are not completely upheld. For instance, Silverlight won’t run on Windows ME by any stretch of the imagination, and Windows 2000 has restricted help.

With respect to programs, Silverlight obviously upholds Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer, and it upholds Firefox and Google Chrome from 4.

As a general rule, upholds normal internet browser module APIs. It works in a more extensive scope of programs than the formally upheld list.


Silverlight upholds Mac OS 10, in spite of the fact that Silverlight rendition 2 or later just sudden spikes in demand for Intel-based Macs.

On current Macs, both Firefox and Safari are upheld.


Microsoft’s own Silverlight module doesn’t run on Linux, however, the Mono open source project has a branch-off called Moonlight, a Silverlight viable module that sudden spikes in demand for Linux.

Moonlight runs in Firefox and curiously has forever had the option to run in independent mode.

One reason the Mono venture previously chose to construct Moonlight is that they figured Silverlight would be a helpful innovation for making UI gadgets that would run on the work area.

Silverlight – Environment Setup

Microsoft Silverlight gives two significant apparatuses to application advancement. they are –

visual Studio

Articulation Blend.

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