Should You Sell Your Laptop and Buy a New One?

How do you feel about your old laptop? Is it slow, outdated, and in need of an upgrade or is there something else that makes you want to get rid of it? Have you been looking for a new laptop but not sure where the best place might be to sell your current one? If so, read on!

There are tons of options available online if you don’t want to wait for the perfect buyer to come to your doorstep. Below are some of the places where millions of people have had success selling their old laptops and buying new ones:

Cash for Used Laptop

You may have heard selling your laptop online can be risky. While some people are successful at doing this, others end up waiting months before they receive any money. There are some who are scammed, and end up losing their once treasured possession. The good news is if you are wondering, “where to sell my laptop now” then Cash for Used Laptop is a good and reliable platform to go to.


Swappa is an online marketplace for buying and selling new or gently used technology. They offer a safe, fast, and secure way to trade your old laptop for something better. With an active community of people in over 220 countries, Swappa is the best place you can go to get what you want when the time comes for you to sell your laptop and upgrade!


The largest auction site in the world, eBay is also home to millions of potential buyers for your laptop. You can sell your old laptop by creating an account, adding a listing for it and then waiting patiently to see who buys your product. You can also buy a new laptop on eBay.

Amazon Trade-In Program

If you are looking for an even more immediate solution, the Amazon Trade-In program is a great place to start! They offer store credit in exchange for used electronics like laptops all year round. Once your item has been accepted they will send you a prepaid shipping label so that you can ship off your old computer and get what you really want: A new one! 

Buyback Boss

The Buyback Boss is a great place to sell your laptop if you are looking for instant cash. They offer same-day payment and will send out an email when they receive your old device so that you can track its progress from start to finish. Additionally, you can use their site to find the best deals on new laptops.


Decluttr is a great place to sell your old laptop if you are looking for something that will provide instant cash. They offer an extremely competitive price and they give the buyer two days to pay the item off, thus providing you with immediate payment. In addition, Decluttr offers a large variety of new laptops at affordable prices.


QuiBids is not just an online retail store; they have many different auctions happening all the time. This means it is a great place to sell your old laptop and find deals on different items like new laptops, as well as other products!


This is a great place to sell your laptop if you are looking for an easy transaction. You can either ship it in, or drop it off at one of their locations and they will email you when the money from your trade-in is available so that you can pick up cash! Also, if you are in the market for a new laptop, Nextworth has many different deals and offers to make it easy for you.

Device Pitstop

Device Pitstop is a great place to sell your used laptop. It is a super easy process to get started. You can either complete the online form on their site or call them and they will walk you through what needs to be done step-by-step! If you need a new laptop, they have many deals to choose from.

Cash Converters

If you’re not looking for something that will provide instant payment but rather want some store credit instead, then this option would be best suited for you! You can either ship in your old laptop or bring it into one of their many locations and they’ll give you an estimate of what its worth. Once approved, they will send you a voucher for your store credit. Once your laptop is sold, you can then buy a new laptop from their store!


Craigslist is a great place to sell your laptop. This site has many different sections for you to post in, and it’s free! Craigslist can be used as a way of getting rid of old laptops that are no longer being used by simply posting an ad on the website or even searching for a new one that someone else might have posted already.


Amazon is, without a doubt, the largest online retailer in the world. It is a great place to sell your old laptop, and buy a new one at the best prices in the market. This store offers deals on new laptops all year round, and is a great place to find one at an affordable price! Amazon also offers many different categories for you to search through, so that you can easily browse for something specific like a laptop or tablet without having to go into every individual category first.


OfferUp is a great place to sell your old laptop. This site is geared towards those who are looking for instant payment, and have a wide variety of offers in their “buy now” section! There are a variety of new laptops offered on OfferUp at reasonable prices, and you will easily find a great deal in no time once your old laptop is sold.

In conclusion, selling your old laptop and buying a new one is not as difficult as it may seem. These are some of the best options for you to choose from in order to find your next laptop! You can advertise your old laptop in more than one place or buy a new one from any of these stores. Whatever you decide, it is important that you are happy with the decision to sell your old laptop!

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