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iOS 9 might seem like an incremental update, but there are many subtle improvements to the software and a number of other changes under-the-hood that won’t be noticed unless you look closely. Some features are only available to iPhone 6S users. These are just a few of the many features that Apple’s OS offers. (View our complete iOS 9 review.

Customize spotlight interface to increase productivity

Spotlight is a feature that has been around for a long time, but it’s much more useful today. Spotlight in iOS 9 shows you your most recent contacts, recently used apps, and links to nearby restaurants, coffee shops, and gas stations. You can also view the most recent headlines.

This will be available in Safari or the new Apple News app depending on the iPhone you are using. You can also customize the Spotlight interface by opening Settings –> General and Spotlight Search.

Search For Settings

Although it may seem minor, the search bar that you will see at the top of the Settings app is a great time-saver. You can change the size of your text on your phone. Search for “text” in your search bar to see options such as Bold Text or Larger Text.

 However, searching in your Settings menu only works if you are searching for text within that particular section. The general search bar for text only returned an article that we had saved to our Pocket app. Nothing from Settings. Even if Spotlight Search is set to search through Settings, this limitation will persist. gsm tool

Wi Fi Assist

Wi-Fi Assist, a new feature, can be found under the Mobile Data section. (Can’t locate it? Spotlight search! Wi-Fi Assist will allow your phone to use some of the cellular data that you have to supplement a weak Wi Fi signal. Wi-Fi assist switches to cellular data whenever your Wi-Fi signal becomes weaker. This is a problem if you have a limited data plan. 

This option is automatically on, but you can disable it by going to Settings –-> Mobile Data and scrolling to the bottom.

Stream high quality music via cellular data

iOS 9 allows you to stream high-quality music from Apple Music. Apple Music currently plays at 256kbps. This is the same quality as when you purchase a song from iTunes Store. However, this is only if you are connected to Wi-Fi.

If you are relying on mobile data, you will get a lower quality stream. You can use iOS 9 to access Settings –> Music and Playback, then toggle the switch to receive the same high-quality 256kbps sound even while you’re on the move.

Low-Power Mode

Every new iPhone raises questions about whether the battery life has been improved. iOS 9’s Low Power Mode will allow you to extend your full charge by up to three hours. iOS 9 will prompt you to choose Low Power Mode if your battery is below 20%. However, you can turn it on automatically by going to Settings -> Battery -> Low Power Mode or asking Siri to do it for you.

 Low Power Mode will turn off functions such as background app refresh, automatic downloads, fetching email and automatic downloads. Your screen will also go darken faster when it is on. Apple has also made it easier for you to see when Low Power Mode is turned on or off. The battery indicator will turn yellow when it’s on and show you how much battery you have.

Tap to drag to select multiple photos/hide photos

The inability to quickly select multiple photos from iOS is a persistent problem. Apple has added a “select ALL” button to iOS in recent years. However, it only appears when you are searching through deleted photos and need to delete all or restore the entire folder. 

You can now select one photo, then drag your finger to continue selection. This feature doesn’t require you to own the iPhone 6S; all you need is iOS 9 installed on your device. However, it has been a significant pain point for iOS users and deserves special mention.

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