Salon and Spa Booking App – Why Should Businesses Opt for It?

Customers spend a lot of money and time when it comes to Salon and Spa activities. As a salon business owner, you might be aware of how last-minute bookings could be an awful situation for many of your clients. But now things have changed with the Salon and Spa software solutions. 

Salon and Spa booking apps let your customers book appointments at their convenience. Also, it assists the salons to fill in the empty seats easily without double booking. 

These software solutions ensure that you spend the least possible time on clerical work and more on exceeding your competition. 

Users can discover the wide range of salons, parlours and spas in and around their areas and book an appointment with just a tap at their preferred time. They do not have to wait in long queues. 

Here we will explore why salon businesses like yours should opt for a Salon and Spa booking app. So let’s get going. 

Why should Salon and Spa owners use the Booking App?

It is easy to manage booking systems effectively from anywhere, anytime.
Manage bookings effortlessly and watch out for who makes an online payment for their bookings at first glance.
It is feasible to acknowledge your customers thoroughly to make your services easier to understand.
It automates SMS and Email Booking reminders as well as mitigates no-shows.
Simplify each transaction with a track record.
It helps with customer retention using push notifications for services and offers.
Manage employees, inventories, performance, incentives, etc. without delay. 

What are the benefits to your customers? 

It would be a piece of cake for your customers to make appointments.
Your customer can hire any specific stylist if they have visited your salon before and are impressed with any stylist’s service.

Customers can discover the vacant slots, and opening hours, and schedule their time for appointments accordingly.

You can also improve your customer experience by enabling online payment, any cashback with promo code offers, etc. 
They can choose their package by browsing beauty services catalogues, galleries, and package options. 

How to make money through the App? 

Salon’s key source of income is its service revenue. Salon and Spa booking apps provide different gateways to make extra revenue by delivering several services like, 

  1. Premium Membership Subscription

You can sell premium membership with extra advantages such as visiting anytime for make-up service or consultation. 

  1. Advertising Model

Big brands, as well as manufacturers, keep looking for a shared-audience platform when they want to endorse their products. So you can provide them with an option to put up their products for sale in front of your audience and earn with every single sale. 

  1. Salon E-commerce Model 

You can follow the eCommerce trend and sell beauty products of different brands online. It will aid you to earn and make massive revenue just like Amazon does.  

What features should be there in the App? 

Salon and Spa booking apps

Here we have mentioned the number of features your app must have from the customer, business owner, and admin’s perspective. 

Features for the Customers

  1. Account Set Up 

To book an appointment through the app, a customer should be enabled to generate an account by adding some basic details. 

  1. Book Appointments

Let your customers book appointments more quickly through the app. For superior user experience, integrate social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram and let them book appointments directly from there. 

  1. Online Payment 

Customers would love to make payments through integrated payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, GPay, ApplePay, etc. So it would be beneficial to integrate payment gateways in your Salon and Spa booking app as well. 

  1. Reviews and Ratings  

Enable an auto rating pop-up feature that will ask your customers about their experience with your services and provide ratings for the same. 

Features for the Business Owners

  1. Generate an Account 

If your app is a marketplace that combines different business owners such as makeup artists, barbers,  beauty spa and massage therapists, booth renters, etc., they should be able to generate and manage their accounts and services on the app. 

  1. Appointment Management 

The app should simplify appointment management and accept online booking round the clock. So if any of the customers want to book an appointment after working hours, artists can see and react promptly.

  1. Appointment Reminders

Develop a feature that helps customers with automated appointment reminders. For that leverage push notifications, text messages, or emails. 

  1. Client Management 

Along with appointments, business owners also want to focus on their user history for gaining and retaining more customers. It aids them with effective loyalty programs, and sales monitoring, and improves their service gallery. 

  1. Tele-Consultation  

This feature makes you excel among your competitors. You can provide a video chat solution on certain beauty treatments such as hair styling, use of styling tools, skincare, etc.

Features for an Admin  

  1. Employee Access 

As there is a high risk to give complete access to every employee. So the admin should be able to limit app access to every employee on logging in.

  1. Payroll Management 

Automated payroll management systems let the admins calculate wages for employees quickly. It is also feasible to manage the payroll remotely. 

  1. Recurring Advertising 

Develop a feature that enables admins to send tailor-made email/text campaigns on a scheduled timeframe to their targeted audience. 

  1. Powerful Dashboard 

Build a dashboard that displays reports at a glance, no matter if it is about payroll, coming appointments, or productivity metre. 

  1. Send Invoice 

Develop a feature that sends the system-generated invoices directly to your customer emails after receiving the payment. So customers feel valued, and it boosts their satisfaction. 

Summing Up

In this post, you have explored how a salon and spa business can leverage the booking application. Not only will it streamline your business operations but also help you to boost your customer base. 

People are more comfortable with a business that keeps pace with the latest technology trends for excellent user experience and seamless functioning. 

If you are one of the Salone business owners, it is high time to transform your business from traditional to digital and become more tech-savvy. 

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