Rising Importance of Temporary Fencing Post COVID

There are innumerable important reasons why sites need temporary fencing. From added safety for pedestrians and employees to safeguarding expensive equipment, temporary security fence panels have endless advantages and applications. 

The importance of these temporary fence panels has increased even more in the post-COVID world. Now, there are almost no restrictions on social distancing and with business activities and events resuming, there are more and more people visiting each other and sharing common spaces.

However, we must keep in mind that COVID-19 is not over yet and precautions need to be taken to contain its spread, especially in public places. These ‘adjusted’ ways of socialising dictating the way we live and conduct business have led to an increase in demand for crowd control measures such as temporary security fence panels.

Let’s take a look at why security fence panels are the best bet when it comes to post-COVID safety. 

What Are The Benefits of Temporary Fencing?

Before we talk about how temporary security fencing helps safeguard people’s health and controls the risk of rising infections, let’s understand what this type of fencing is.

Temporary security panels are security barriers that are temporarily installed for crowd segregation, control, and management. 

Usually made of galvanized steel, these fences offer maximum site security. Unlike permanent fencing, temporary fencing panels are self-standing and supporting panels mostly used for short to medium-term purposes. 

Here are some reasons why their demand is increasing steadily:

Need For Infection Control

The current pandemic and its aftermath have completely changed the way we all operate. Social distancing continues to be the new normal. However, with the restrictions having been lifted, social distancing cannot always be carried out. This is especially true for events, construction sites, malls, etc. 

Temporary fence panels allow people to mingle without caging them in. They are one of the most effective ways to control crowds. By enforcing these sturdy visual barriers, you can easily manage the access and flow of customers, attendees, and crowds. 

Allow Crowd Control

Crowd control is the need of the hour. Be it a hospital, markets, events, parks, or even pharmacies, you just cannot allow crowds to get out of control. Doing that simply means allowing the probability of infections to rise due to a large number of people being nearby each other. 

Temporary security panels are a great way to funnel and control the entry of people coming into the site. They allow you to keep the access restricted and let only the desired numbers of people enter the area.

Display Social Distancing Signage

Whether you are organizing an indoor or outdoor event, running a construction site or managing a pharmacy, it is critical to keep reinforcing the message of social distancing in people’s minds. 

And the best way to do that is by utilising your temporary security fencing. It serves as a great vantage point to let people see messages about the benefits of social distancing. 

Crowd Management

We all know event areas and other public spaces can get unmanageable quickly. This usually happens when people try to gain access without waiting for their chance. 

Temporary panels are a great way to let people get into queues by creating passageways. Queuing helps in not just letting people stay socially distant, but also impacts the success of your event. 

Besides these benefits of temporary panels, there are some inherent advantages that they bring in. These benefits include:

  • Since they don’t need to be permanently fixed into the ground, temporary security fence panels are more versatile. They can be easy dismantled and reinstalled according to your changing needs.
  • They are not just an effective but a great low-cost option too. Easily available on rental, you don’t need to invest huge monies for something that you may have no use for in the future. There is also no cost of installation involved in temporary fencing.
  • They can be easily installed on any surface without drilling holes.
  • Temporary fence panels are weather-resistant and resilient. 

It is not easy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections completely. However, robust security measures like temporary fence panels go a long way in meeting mandatory requirements to help curtail the infection spread. To gain all these benefits, make sure that you source your fences from a credible organization like Battlefield Supply. To know more about our fencing options and get your free quote, call us at 403-700-5922.

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