Reliable Recruiting 101: How Interviews Narrow Down Candidates

All businesses must develop a recruitment strategy that will gather the best employees under their company banner. For professionals who are just starting out in managing their companies, however, it can be difficult to determine what recruitment strategies will work best. Because interviews are so paramount to the recruitment process, it can be a good idea to outline your interview strategy after determining what you are looking for in a recruit.

Ask About Relevant Skills

One of the most important ways for you to narrow down your search, especially for a specific position, is to ask about relevant skills. If you are interested in a technician or a managerial hire, think about what relevant experiences and skills you would like for the potential employee to have. Looking for these skills in prospective resumes will allow you to set up a baseline for more specific questions during the interview itself, which can lead to a far more specialized hire in the future.

Utilize whatever tools are available to help you narrow down your search. Limit your actual interview to the few top candidates you receive. If you need help finding the right candidate, try a specialized recruiting service like Technician Find. Something like this can put you in touch with a pool of candidates who meet your specific needs. This speeds up the hiring process by eliminating unqualified applicants early on.

Ask About Adherence to Company Values

Every workplace has a different company culture. Even though there may be a general blueprint for values based on the industry, no two companies are ever alike, so it is recommended to consider this often-overlooked aspect of the recruitment process. Outline the specifics of your company’s values and discuss them with future candidates.

This is particularly important to do during the interview itself, as there may be specifics about your company’s culture that interested employees might not think to mention in their resumes. If your policy is to hold a brief phone interview before meeting face-to-face, that would be another good chance during the recruiting process to ask about their values to gauge if they would be a good fit with your company.

Ask About Hypothetical Situations

Another crucial aspect of the hiring process is being prepared to deal with issues in the workplace. Employees should have a good idea of what your work environment is like and what types of things they might need to prepare for. Look for candidates that have experience working in a fast-paced environment, and then when it is time for the interview, prepare a few specifics for them.

Mention some issues that you have had in the workplace before and ask about what they would do. If they don’t answer your questions with specific examples, use that as a chance to ask for an example of a time something similar happened to them. Great candidates will also be sure to tell you how they overcame or resolved the situation.

Ask About Personal Employment Goals

Finally, be sure to ask about what types of personal goals your future employees may have. A good match in terms of future career goals will result in a greater degree of productivity in the workplace, especially in a commission-based field of business.

Remember to set guidelines. Flexibility will be your most useful tool in any hiring situation, especially if you are planning on changing up your workplace strategies in the future.

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