Qeridoo Kidgoo 1 review

Today we test a stroller with the Qeridoo Kidgoo 1 (model 2019). budget electric scooter it impresses above all with its flexibility, as it is a stroller, children’s bicycle trailer, and jogger at the same time. The 3-in-1 model for outdoor-savvy parents among the strollers, so to speak. Whether I succeed in mounting the sporty carriage of the firstborn not only on the bike but also on the scooter, you will find out in my review.

Scope of delivery

The package was delivered by a freight forwarder and has considerable dimensions. Everything was cleanly packed and delivered safely by transport specialist Iloxx. The scope of delivery is enormous but still manageable.


I had imagined the construction of the Qeridoo to be difficult. I thought a stroller consists of many individual parts, all of which want to be assembled first. However, after you have spread out all the parts in front of you, everything seems logical and no longer so overwhelming. The cab is already mostly pre-assembled and a large part of the scope of delivery is required for the installation of the respective tires or the bicycle drawbar. In addition, the set already comes with a disc brake, which can be optionally mounted if required and with manual skill. Already during the assembly of the individual parts, you get the impression of holding a very valuable product in your hands. All components are stable, have no sharp edges and wherever necessary, safety instructions for proper use are attached.

What didn’t immediately make sense to me was the space function of the cabin. Here I had to study the operating instructions several times to be able to follow the step. I also had trouble assembling the head protectors. For my subjective feeling – if I have done everything right – a lot of strength and patience must be applied here. Since it ultimately serves the protection of the child, I am just as happy about it, since the connection can definitely no longer be solved without great effort.

However, the smallest component briefly drove sweat on my forehead. A small M4 screw was missing, so I could only screw the handle after a visit to the hardware store.

Nevertheless, the Kidgoo can be set up in less than an hour even by inexperienced hands. The operating instructions are fully comprehensive and richly illustrated. I like that very much. Also, the number of steps is manageable, if necessary you can help with common sense or the help of Youtube tutorials.

Kidgoo 1 2019 in the test

After the assembly of the Kidgoo 1 is done, it is time to collect the first experiences.

Baby carriage

At least twice a day, the Kidgoo 1 now accompanies me as a stroller. Namely in the morning and the evening round with the dog. Our test environment offers varied topography. In other words. If you make it here, you can do it everywhere. Hills, dirt roads, gravel, forest, and of course asphalt. There are also streets and sidewalks here. This should be mentioned compulsorily. As a direct comparison, I can use a Bugaboo stroller, but here it should be about the characteristics of the Kidgoo.

First of all, I notice that the Kidgoo with its width of 72 cm wants to be maneuvered out of the front door with more skill. But I can hardly think about it to the end because the first steps of the house entrance are already coming. And thanks to the 20″ wheels, they are now child’s play. Effortlessly and safely, the stroller glides over the edges. The way back is immediately tried and a smile spreads. The car takes 2 steps from a standstill. Forward. I grin. Of course, it also works smoothly backward.

The 8″ pneumatic front wheel moves 360° and makes the Kidgoo 1 very maneuverable. On request, the wheel can also be fixed with an easy-to-guide lever and the car extends straight ahead.

My home route usually goes through the adjacent forest. Roots and stones are part of the daily routine. The 20-inch tires in combination with the suspension allow the path to move over the ground without much noise. A comfort that I have not wanted to miss since the first ride.


To take Kidgoo 1 with you for jogging, a small modification is necessary. The 8″ buggy wheel is dismantled and exchanged for the 14″ jogger wheel. The process is completed within a few simple steps. First of all, the buggy wheel or drawbar is removed via quick release or click closure. Then the two fork rods are guided into the drawbar holder and it clicks again well audibly.

The fork rods give the stroller an extended wheelbase and the 14″ inch front wheel has additional damping properties. In the field, the conversion really pays off, because both roots and potholes continue to lose their risk potential. The fully automatic suspension on the 20″ rear wheels also contributes to this. Since the model Kidgoo 1 2019, an ALFA suspension (Absorbent Air Spring Automatic) is used here and this – so my impression – pays off just when jogging.

The front wheel is now rigid, which is an advantage when jogging. The car now moves as if on rails. It only takes a few minutes to get used to the new steering behavior. And then getting around is really fun again.

Children’s bicycle trailer on the scooter

The Qeridoo stroller can also be attached to a scooter for adults with a few tricks. A little tinkering is necessary here, otherwise, you hit the drawbar when pedaling. That hurts. With active support, we helped ourselves with an old bicycle frame and converted it into an extension of the drawbar.

As soon as the stroller is mounted on the scooter, I took a first test drive – still without a child. The additional weight and the shift in the center of gravity can be felt directly, driving is a bit unusual at first. But after a short time, I felt safe enough to dare the trip with the child.

I enjoy the rides almost as much, but the additional weight is a noticeable additional load. Especially on the passages with inclines, you have to work hard so that the weight does not pull you downhill again. The driving behavior must also be adjusted and a further radius must be planned for curves.

Children’s bicycle trailer

The mounting on the wheel succeeds without effort and all necessary accessories are supplied by Qeridoo. For this purpose, the supplied drawbar is mounted on the rear suspension and the excursion with bicycle and stroller can start. Thanks to detailed and well-illustrated operating instructions, assembly is no problem.


Often it is details that distinguish a good product from a bad one. Some peculiarities are so obvious that they hardly need to be mentioned.


Qeridoo has come up with a lot for the safety of the little passengers. First of all, the things that directly serve safety and less comfort.

The model complies with DIN EN 15918, which regulates the safety requirements for a bicycle trailer. Qeridoo itself writes on its own website that they go far beyond the DIN standard and the requirements of the StVZO during development. Externally, I immediately notice the new head protectors that prevent the child’s head from hitting the ground when the car falls over.

Around the Kidoo 1, reflectors and a rear light included in the scope of delivery as well as the pennant ensure that the sports car is visible to other road users at an early stage. Thus, the stroller is perceived much better, especially at dusk and in the dark.

I also like the 5-point belt system, the handling is above all simple and can be operated with one hand. Practical if the little passenger is still a bit fidgety when boarding. Twisting of the belts should be impossible when used properly. Speaking of the seat: The rear seat is pleasantly upholstered. With optional accessories, however, the seating comfort can be increased even further.

Storage space

Qeridoo has given Kidgoo 1 2019 plenty of space to transport luggage and equipment. A total of four storage compartments are available. Below the push, the handle is a small pocket for utensils that you want to have quick access to. We have stowed here the water bottle of our boy, the mobile phone, bag bags, and knick-knacks.

For shopping and larger luggage, Kidgoo 1 offers a 45-liter trunk. Interchangeable wardrobes, toys, blankets, and all sorts of other things fit in here. In the Kidgoo 2 variant, the volume increases by a further 10 liters to 55 liters.

Practical here is the magnetic closures of the trunk, which replace a fiddly zipper. To fill or remove something, it is enough to simply lift the closure high. After stowing/removing, you simply let go of the lid and it is immediately in the intended position thanks to the magnet and closes the contents. While zippers can also break under intensive use, this variant is maintenance-free and, above all, practical. As a disadvantage, I would point out that even thieves have an easier time getting into the storage space.

In the cabin, there are two further small storage compartments on the sides in the front part. Small parts can also be accommodated here.

Soft top & ventilation

The Kidgoo offers three options to protect the child from external influences.

Fly screens


Weather canopy

If I follow the manufacturer’s instructions, the fly screen should always be closed to protect the passenger from stones and insects. Call me old-fashioned, but I find an open stroller quite appealing. The sun visor can be attached in different positions if you have previously lowered the fly screen. Without fly screens, the required Velcro fastener for fastening is missing. The rain cover is made of very stable and rain-impermeable TPU material and is also used for large side windows. The latter are lightly tinted and provide additional UV protection.

Overall, the handling can be described as simple. For sun and rain protection, there are two toggle closures above. If you want to store the entire 3-in-1 soft top, you can store it below the roof in a bag provided for this purpose.

No matter which type of soft top is currently in use, Kidgoo 1 has also thought of a proper ventilation system. So there are two windows in the front part which can be opened via a Velcro fastener. In the rear part, a mesh insert is also used, so that sufficient air exchange is given.

First impression

What would be the first impression without going into the optics? After all, the form is the first thing we perceive. The model is available in two colors. Turquoise and grey. As is easy to see, we have opted for the more discreet grey. Qeridoo and I seem to have a similar idea of what a stroller should look like because I actually find the design sporty and successful.

More than the design, however, I am pleased that the Kidgoo can be maneuvered very well despite its weight. Especially with the 360° buggy wheel, it is nimble and maneuverable, which is helpful on winding trips. On long degrees, I lock the wheel and enjoy additional directional stability.

Since changing the 3:1 system is really easy, I am not afraid to change the front wheels several times a week or mount the drawbar. It’s simple and intuitive, as a parent you are used to routine handles anyway.


In order to transport the Kidgoo 1 in the car, you fold it up to an acceptable pack size beforehand. For this purpose, the wheels are dismantled, which is done via quick release or by pressing on the release mechanism. You still fold the cabin and then it goes off into the trunk.

Accessories & Spare Parts

The Kidgoo 1 can be expanded at will. With the Ski & Hike Set, the Kidgoo gets a set of runners that keep it ready for use even in snow. A matching fur bag or a bag for the push handle is available as well as seat reducers or additional upholstery. Baby car seats, Adapter, a folding garage, and various mounting accessories complete the overall package. If a part is lost or defective, Qeridoo offers an extensive range of spare parts, which are already shown in the operating instructions or can be viewed via the manufacturer’s website.


With all the advantages mentioned, points should also be mentioned that I would like to see for a future model.

The possibility to mount a rear-view mirror (even if this bites with the soft top ideas)

Space for a bell on the push handle

Simplify the installation of the head protectors

LED lighting front and rear


The Qeridoo Kidgoo 1 is more than a stroller. Both in terms of flexibility, comfort, and safety, it does not give itself any nakedness and meets all expectations and requirements effortlessly. With it, as an outdoor-savvy parent, you can achieve a wide range of movement. kids mountain bike i particularly like the fact that the change of wheels is effortless, it cuts a good figure in any terrain and numerous, small but well-thought-out features make it a very good choice – also with a view to the comparatively low price. The RRP for the Kidgoo 1 is 549 €, and for the Kidgoo 1 Sport 649 €, RRP is called.

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