The Multifaceted Uses That Pole Barn Construction Offers

Homeowners needing extra storage space, a garage to house vehicles, or a recreational family area should look into the possibilities that Pole Barns provide. From their economical construction costs to the ability to sit firmly on any terrain, these structures provide plenty of flexibility for people on a budget or dealing with difficult locations. Pole barns are utilized in a wide variety of ways outside of serving as simple storage facilities.

A Great Way to Save on Storage Structures

People that collect large items, like farm machinery or classic automobiles, don’t want to leave them sitting out in the elements. A pole building is a perfect solution due to its economical design and versatility. Collectors had to build large barns or garages in the past that were costly due to the amount of wood used in the construction. These structures also struggled to provide a stable inner climate since insulation methods were not as adaptable or cheap as they are today. A pole building requires significantly less lumber and incorporates spray foam insulation and drywall to control the climate.

Pole Barns

Pole Barns Can Exist on A Variety of Terrain

A significant benefit of pole barns is that construction can occur on uneven or rocky terrain. The land inside or around the barn must be flat if a floor or patio is needed but can remain uneven if neither is necessary. Regardless of the slope of the land, the structure will always be level. Since the poles are able to be used in any soil type, the tops are cut to the same height to create a level base for the roof. The walls are then attached to the poles and cut to fit the angle of the land.

A Unique Option in the Home Construction Industry

In the current economic climate, people are looking for ways to save money when building a home. Individuals willing to try something different can turn to pole barn homes to create a residence that saves them a lot of money on construction costs. These homes may not be particularly lavish on the outside but can easily contain elaborate floor plans that accommodate the latest in interior design trends.

Pole Barn Home Exteriors Aren’t Always Metal Paneling

Pole barn homes are constructed just like any normal pole barn. Clients can pick a prefabricated design from their builder or work with their designer to create a customized layout. Customization involves selecting the home size, exterior covering and color, placement of the doors and windows, and any porch or patio embellishments. Most pole barn homes use steel paneling on the roof and walls, but clients can also opt for asphalt shingles and vinyl siding if desired. Of course, the real beauty of the barn home lies in the versatile floor plan.

Endless Design Options Exist for Pole Barns

The floor plan begins as an open concept. Pillars and load-bearing walls are not needed in the home unless it contains a loft, so clients can lay out the interior however they desire. The entire place could be left completely open, save for the bathroom, or partial to full-height walls can be built around areas that require privacy. Unlike the cookie-cutter homes of today, people can have wood planks or even stone sheeting attached as wall coverings rather than drywall. Flooring options range from distressed concrete to aged wood planking. It’s all depending on what each owner desires.

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