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Unblocked Games 66 EZ’s Physics Games:

Mechanical Brothers:

The Mechanical Brothers game is about the brothers who must create a mysterious machine. You must relay information to each brother using the cannon. Mechanical Brothers is a puzzle-based game with simple mechanics. To reach the next level, aim the cannonball at the puzzles.

You will need to remove any obstacles that block your path to the other brother in order to play. You do this by using your gun to blow up any balls. You can also switch to the details to shoot

cannonballs at the next player. With the provided information, you can quickly complete the levels and then move on to new ones. You won’t feel tired or bored with the steampunk-inspired graphics and levels. It’s easy to move on to the next level, and to control the brothers with a unique ability of farting.

Building Demolisher:

Use wrecking balls to take down all buildings and objects. The wrecking balls can be dropped from either the left or right. There are two types of wrecking balls. The first is a hot wrecking balls that can set fire to wooden objects. The second is an explosive which could cause structural damage.

To Play Skill Games At Unblocked Games 66 EZ

Color Bump 3D:

Color Bump 3D arcade game is a great one with a fun gameplay experience. The graphics are retro-styled and colorful. Each level is amazing and there are more than 800. You must guide the ball of various colors through obstacles and avoid hitting colored objects.

This is a great stress relief game. You need to hit every shape you can and avoid playing with different colored balls. To win unblocked games 66, you will need to move your ball quickly.

Santa’s Rush: The Grinch Chase:

Santa’s Rush the Grinch Chase is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves games. Santa can race with you. It’s Christmas. Santa Claus is here. So did Grinch. Grinch wants to ruin Christmas. In this game you will help Santa overcome all obstacles and remain a hero by stopping Grinch.

You can earn coins by going on trips with Santa and buy new karts. It’s easy to use and fun. Participate in the game to show your gratitude for Santa Claus this Christmas season. Let’s save Santa Claus from the Grinch, and take a ride with Santa.


The FlappyBird.Space arcade game is simple to play but it’s a lot of fun. You must be able to fly without landing on the green pipes. Score is how far you have traveled without hitting or falling on the green pipes. The speed bird that flappy’s score is the same, but the locations of the pipe greens change. Multiplayer allows players to compete against each other around the world.

To remain in the game, it is important to make sure you don’t bump into any green pipes. You will improve your skills and be able to play more efficiently.

Helix Jump:

Helix Jump is an arcade game that relieves stress and can be fun to play. The ball is moving in the right direction and is still bouncing. If you try to move the ball around, it will bounce towards the tower that you moved it.

To win, the most important thing is to make sure the ball lands on the black platforms. It is not possible to continue playing if the ball lands on a platform with yellow stripes. You must also take the diamonds. You are also playing the game at the same time. The background and color of the ball change.

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