Pick A Beautiful Dress To Live Up To The Good Times Of Summer

When I grow up, I don’t like summer as much as I did when I was a child. The hot sun not only makes people feel unbearable heat, but ultraviolet radiation is also an important cause of aging. Hey, even though the sun is shining outside, I still don’t want to go out!

A light dress is simply the only reason to fall in love with summer. When I think of the wonderful summer dress, my mind always comes to my mind wearing a dress swaying and swaying. After all, I missed this summer, and I have to wait another year for the moment when I can wear skirts arbitrarily.

In order not to waste precious summer time, every dress in your wardrobe needs to stand the test. Before buying, let’s take a look at the key points of wearing various types of dresses to ensure that each dress you start with can bring out our beauty to the greatest extent.

1. How to choose the color?

Crop top

There are too many styles of skirts on the market now, solid colors, stripes, printed ones… Dresses of different colors and patterns will have a great impact on a person’s temperament. Wearing a dress with good texture and good design seems to improve people’s self-confidence a lot.

What color dress is the best to start with this summer? How can I look good in a variety of dresses? Don’t worry, let’s solve these problems one by one!

  • solid color dress

Many friends will think that solid color dresses are relatively simple, especially basic colors such as black, white and gray, which most people can wear well. In fact, solid color dresses are far from being as easy to control as everyone imagines

For most girls, what is the biggest trouble in wearing a solid color dress? Too monotonous! Since the solid color dress is very simple in design, it looks a bit dull and can easily give the feeling of “wearing a piece of cloth”.

How to do? If there are some small embellishments such as hollowing and lace , it will add a little sense of playfulness while maintaining simplicity, and the sense of detail will be full.

In addition, the area of ​​a solid-color dress is too large compared to a solid-color top or bottom. If you choose a color that is not suitable for you and wear it into a disaster scene, you can’t use other accessories to save it. So, be careful when choosing a solid color dress!

Which dresses are the summer must-haves that are easy to wear and not picky?

▍White dress

White Outfits

In the scorching summer, every girl’s wardrobe is indispensable for a white skirt with a fairy-like fluttering . Not only is it suitable for most occasions, but the refreshing white also seems to cool down visually, giving you a cool summer

The white-skinned girl wears a white skirt and naturally has no scruples. If the complexion is yellowish, or the girl is a little dull, you need to spend more time to choose a white skirt that suits you. Generally speaking, a white skirt with low brightness and not dazzlingly white will be the best choice. It is the best partner of yellow skin girl.

▍Light colored dress

Night Outfit

If you feel that the white dress is too monotonous, you can try a light-colored dress, which also matches the freshness of summer. What kind of light color is necessary? Look for light purple and light blue !

Especially the light blue dress is recommended, it is exclusive for summer! The light blue dress of chiffon fabric is light and elegant , with a marine style; and the light blue dress of cotton and linen fabric is simply synonymous with small and fresh , girls who take the literary route will definitely like it.

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