Patient Engagement Platform by Demandforce For Best Medical Practices

The Patient Engage app makes it easy for healthcare professionals to accept and confirm patient appointments on their mobile device, regardless of location. This patient portal enables employees to see patient information, respond to patient queries via two-way text messages, and even email sensitive information. Patients can view upcoming appointments and request confirmation through Patient Engage. Patients can accept or decline appointments at any time. There is also an app for Android and iOS mobile devices that provides health care information and appointment reminders.

Change Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Platform

Patients are the lifeblood of the healthcare system, and a successful patient experience begins with a patient-centered approach. Change Healthcare is a leading healthcare technology company that provides analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial, and administrative outcomes. Its patient engagement platform delivers these outcomes, enabling healthcare professionals to provide better service and improve patient experiences. Read on to learn how you can benefit from this powerful solution.

Enhanced communication between physicians and patients is made possible with a HIPAA-compliant chat feature. This feature allows physicians to communicate with patients via messaging, photos, videos, fillable forms, and customized surveys. This feature eliminates the need for long phone calls and improves patient retention and satisfaction. Change Healthcare’s patient engagement platform helps improve patient satisfaction, which results in repeat business and increased retention. It’s easy to implement, too, making it an excellent choice for any healthcare provider looking to improve patient experiences.

Patient Engagement Platform by Demandforce

Change Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Platform by Demand force enables medical practices to manage patient expectations and improve retention. It connects the front desk with social networks and the textable world. It allows medical practices to monitor patient feedback and maintain a healthy online reputation, while enabling doctors to focus on growing their practices. This powerful software is HIPAA-compliant and is designed to help improve revenue and retention. So, get started today by signing up to Change Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Platform by Demandforce.

Change Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Platform by Demand Force helps dentists and other healthcare professionals expand their practices online. They can enhance their profiles with a free business listing, track patient calls, and fine-tune their marketing campaigns. Patients can log on to the Demandforce portal to access health information, sign digital forms, and request medication refills. A Demandforce phone system is HIPAA-compliant and can be used anywhere, including on the go.


The NexHealth Patient Engagement Platform by Demandforce offers a complete suite of features for scheduling, reminders, and appointment booking. It integrates with practice management systems, allowing you to schedule different types of appointments and capture patient demographic information. Patients can book an appointment through your website or email, and the system synchronizes appointments to your practice’s schedule. This gives you the flexibility to create workflows that best fit your practice’s unique needs.

The company has raised $125 million in Series C financing to advance its technology to improve the patient experience. With this money, NexHealth plans to further develop its patient-facing platform, build new features for doctors, and enhance its integrations with EHRs and practice management systems. Additionally, the company plans to increase access to patient records through its universal API. The new funding will help the company expand its team and expand its doctor-facing platform.

Patient Engagement Platform by Demandforce

With this powerful patient engagement platform, practices can send bulk emails and text messages to patients. This can be especially useful during seasonal promotions. This system also enables users to segment patients’ data, so that their communications are more relevant. The system has Facebook and Google integration, so you can retarget your advertising on these platforms. It also has a patient journey tracking function, allowing you to analyze the health of your patients across various platforms.

This San Francisco-based startup has raised $125 million in Series C funding. With a $1 billion valuation, NexHealth has secured investors such as Jack Altman, Shreyas Doshi, Packy McCormick, Rahul Vohra, and Lachy Groom. The funding will be used for acquisitions and new features of its platform. It is already an active customer of a few large dental practices.


The Adit Patient Engagement Platform by Demandforce is an online marketing platform that can be used to improve the quality of patient reviews and increase conversion rates. The platform also ties inbound calls to their source and tags them as an opportunity, conversion or existing patient. In addition, the Adit platform lets users monitor the performance of online marketing campaigns, pulling data from Google and Facebook. Unfortunately, the platform does not yet support text campaign insights.

Despite the many advantages of Adit, one of the major weaknesses of the platform is its lack of customization. Although the platform is built for physician use, it is still designed for small practices. Physicians can use the application to manage patient reviews online. This software integrates with over 150 solutions and can connect with practice management system data. However, for a complete patient engagement platform, Luma Health is the best option. Its UI allows users to customize the software to suit their practice’s needs and integrates with major EHR platforms.

Patient Engagement Platform

Adit also offers email campaigns to reach out to patients who have recently missed a scheduled appointment or have canceled an appointment. It also includes telemedicine, but does not include payment processing. While Adit’s software can make it easier for your patients to book appointments online, it does not include payment processing. A patient can opt out at any time if they are uncomfortable with the process. Whether you’re a dentist looking to improve patient satisfaction, or a hospital wishing to increase their patient list, Adit can help.

Patients who trust their doctors are more likely to post reviews online. This software makes it easy for patients to leave reviews on various sites, including Google, Facebook, and WebMD. It also enables you to stay connected to patients so that they can continue to trust your practice. After all, the success of your practice depends on how many patients use your services and follow the recommendations of your medical staff. With the Adit Patient Engagement Platform by Demandforce, you’ll be able to increase patient retention and revenue by implementing a system that can support these needs.

Change Healthcare’s Jotform Health app

Creating and managing health records has never been easier, or safer. Jotform Health can collect and store medical information on any device. It is PCI and GDPR compliant and has integrations with over 30 payment gateways. Change Healthcare has partnered with industry leaders to make its Jotform Health app available to healthcare providers at no cost. Users can access their patient accounts from any device and complete their health records in minutes.

Whether you’re working in an office or a hospital, Jotform Health makes it easier to manage your health records, schedule appointments, and respond to patient inquiries and questions. The app provides HIPAA compliance and is easy to use on any device. Patients can fill out forms online, and therapists can receive push notifications when patients complete a consent form online. Jotform Health also offers a mobile version of the software that lets healthcare providers collect sensitive medical information, such as the health insurance information of a patient.

Demandforce’s NexHealth

A powerful appointment reminder engine is available in Demandforce’s NexHealth Patient Engagement Platform. The system enables users to create personalized, branded reminders based on patient information. Patients can then book an appointment directly from the reminder, so they don’t have to remember to come in again. Reminders also increase patient retention, and can be automated using the platform’s powerful workflow features. You can easily edit patient information, such as allergies or medical history, to create more effective reminders.

Patient Engagement Platform

The NexHealth Patient Engagement Platform integrates directly with a practice management system, so users can schedule different types of appointments, capture insurance information, and send performance data to BI tools. The system can also be used to integrate with other business systems, such as Salesforce, enabling call center employees to book appointments. Because NexHealth offers a comprehensive patient engagement platform, many practices that don’t currently use patient communication software should give NexHealth a try.

Although NexHealth offers a powerful patient engagement platform, it is expensive compared to other solutions. For a small practice, it is not worth the investment. But if you’re looking to improve patient retention and grow your practice, NexHealth may be an excellent solution.

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