OKR- Ruling the Performance Management Platform

Business growth is the most significant part of any organization, however, what leads to the business growth of an organization matters the most. You must know about many solutions that help in taking business growth to its peak.  

OKR is one of those solutions that not only focuses on business growth but also ameliorates employee engagement, their performance, and eventually aligns businesses, allowing them to achieve heights. 

Why are OKRs such a hype among organizations? 

OKRs is the secret behind the success of some of the top performing organizations which includes Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, INTEL, etc. These companies swear by OKRs. To help bridge the gap between dreams and reality, organizations with high growth goals have awoken to the power of using OKR programs.  

People might think that OKR and project management are the same thing, but that’s not the case. OKRs focuses on the future goals and uses key results to measure performance but project management is about short term goals. 

Now, OKRs not only emphasize business growth but also make you a better leader in the long run. The OKR program is one such popular approach that helps leaders to limit wrong turns and lead the team by example to expertly stimulate your business. 

Traditional approaches to performance management are not suited to today’s need for flexible, rapid, collaborative decision making. With OKR, companies that are highly aligned stimulate revenue 58% swiftly and are 72% more successful. 

To help drive strategic direction and focus on achieving the organization’s common goal, OKR represents an anchor for all businesses. It is designed to help organizations grow well in their performance management. A well versed performance management can bring in higher productivity than before. However, the performance of an organization is driven by their employees and their engagement. Henceforth, employee engagement has a significant role in business performance and growth.

At JOP, we recommend using cross-functional teams for the quarterly OKRs however functional teams are acceptable. If the OKR needs the focus of more than one team, then use cross-functional teams.

Let’s find the best OKR Management Platform for your organization.

  1. Profit.co
  2. Inspire
  3. Peoplebox
  4. Range
  5. Jira

OKR management platforms can help you improve objectives and key results allowing you to manage OKRs for the betterment of the organization’s growth. But before we know about these OKR management platforms, let’s know why startups opt for OKR. 

Well, ask Google! Did you know google was only a 3 member company working out of a founder’s garage when they made the leap? How did OKRs turn a 3 member team to more than 60,000 today?

Let’s see: 

  • Giving a clear direction to each team and individual
  • Aligning and connect employees to the organizational goals
  • Building the discipline to chase outcomes over productivity

OKR Performance Management Platform

Here are some of the top OKR performance management platforms for your organization. 


Profit.co is an okr software, for okr performance management, and other okr related aspects. This OKR tracking software is a user-friendly platform that offers products and services that includes OKR management, performance management, task management, employee engagement and integration. It is a one-size-fits-all solution, for large, small, enterprise and startups. Profit.co is the okr management platform that helps execute strategies at a faster rate.

Furthermore, it offers you in-app visual guidance that is easy to understand and use. Navigation is easy and friendly for users. There are 7 types of key results to track any type of goals. It allows you to align your team to have a noteworthy result. 


Inspire is an okr software that helps you become a better leader with the help of okr framework. It is designed to take your business organization to heights of success while focusing on the employees, the teams and the organization as a whole. This OKR tracking software offers you performance, goals, recognition, feedback, etc. which helps improve performance management and employee engagement, leading to success in business growth.

This okr performance management platform provides tools which includes Goals and OKR management, Continuous performance management, leadership development and feedback & recognition. 


This okr software is best for startups and SMBs. it claims to drive 10X growth in your business organization. Peoplebox okr software offers you to create effective OKRs, helps you align OKRs easily, is able to recognize red flags with a bird eye view, allows you to automate reminders, etc. You can also sync your OKR data with Google sheets. It is also an OKR tracking software, to track your OKRs easily. Peoplebox allows you to run business and performance reviews. 


Range is OKR implemented software that helps you track your goals on a daily basis, improving your performance and productivity. It allows you to share goal updates as part of your team check-ins. It has apps integrated with it and offers you to add context from those apps. You are able to integrate work and tools in one place. The okr management platform allows you to run async check-in without disrupting the flow of work. Range OKR tracking software allows you to facilitate much better meetings by keeping track of agenda topics, action items, and notes. 


Jira is one of the most popular okr software development tools. It offers you roadmaps to create and manage objectives. It helps break-down and prioritize your team’s work in a dedicated space. This OKR tracking software offers you to see reports, and allows you to analyze and track your team’s work progress on every project activity. Jira okr management platform allows you to stay on track even when you go off track due to too much work. 

How to have a successful OKR Management?

Apart from okr management platforms, commitment to the OKR approach and openness to failing and also commitment to the change management are required. For this, it requires plugging JOP meaningfully into your workflow and discipline towards check-ins. These are the basic and most significant ways to succeed with OKRs.

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