Off-roading Beginners Guide to Jeep Maintenance

If any vehicle was created for the offroad experience, it is the Jeep. Whether you’re talking about the Jeep Wrangler JL or the Renegade, there’s usually an expectation among drivers that the Jeep is what they need to take on the type of rugged terrain that they’ll find in the backcountry. 

Check the Weather Beforehand

Preparation is a huge key to success. Checking the weather is how you account for an external that you can’t control. However, by looking at a forecast, you can take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and effective excursion. 

Rain, for instance, can make slick trails incredibly slippery and change the dynamic. If you let some air out of your tires, the amount of surface area that is touching the ground increases, making for better traction. If it’s snowing, you might put on your chains. 

Inspect Your Jeep Before Leaving

Whenever you take your Jeep out for an off-road excursion, perform an inspection that goes from your the rear bumper to the front tow bar. Check all fluid levels and belts and make sure that everything looks the way it should. 

When you’re performing that inspection, don’t forget to look at your Jeep wheels/tires. Make sure that your tires have good tread because you’ll need that grip. Holding a penny against the tread will show you how close you are to needing a new set. 

Wheels & Tires Are Important

A proper set of off-road tires can carry your Jeep over rocks, mud, dirt, snow, sand and other uneven surfaces. Off-road tires will have specially designed tread patterns and the grooves between the tread blocks will be broader. A Jeep wheel specifications blog is a reference chart that helps you match the right wheels and tires to your purposes.

Consider a Lift Kit

One of the keys to off-roading is ground clearance. Without it, you risk damagaing the Jeep’s undercarriage, the exhaust system and the bumpers. The lift kit does just what it claims, raising the height of your Jeep. Lift kits will allow you to put size 33-inch or 35-inch tires on your Jeep. 

Create a Checklist

Before you take your Jeep into the hinterlands, there’s more to consider than you might be thinking of at the time. Creating and running through a checklist ensures that you don’t miss anything. You’ll remember to fill up the tank with gas, for instance, but you might not think of extra water for the radiator or your tow rope.

When you’re off-roading, you’re expecting the most from your Jeep. Taking it through trying scenarios that challenge the integrity of its parts demands that you prepare it for those experiences before you get there and examine it when you’re back on the pavement. A good driver is attuned to the Jeep with every sense while off-roading because you never know when something you see or hear is indicative of potential damage or danger. Visit an online auto parts store or walk in today to view the inventory of Jeep parts and accessories. 

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