Normothermic Machine Perfusion work: Everything you need to know

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure where a healthy liver from one individual is used to replace a damaged liver. More and more donated livers are being rejected by the best liver transplant surgeons in India because they are dissatisfied with the quality. New research in the USA may solve this issue, which would increase the number of livers accessible for transplant. Researchers looked at a procedure known as Normothermic Machine Perfusion, which supplies the liver with nutrients and blood outside the body.

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How does Normothermic Machine Perfusion work?

In the last 20 years, the area of transplantation has seen a major advancement in machine perfusion. Since it was first used in clinical practice ten years ago, normothermic machine perfusion has shown good results in improving the quality of borderline organs and increasing the availability of liver transplants in numerous nations, including Canada. It enables the evaluation of graft viability and functionality before transplantation.

 After early clinical trials demonstrated safety, machine perfusion transitioned from an experimental stage to a more advanced stage. Before it is used more widely in clinical settings, it is essential to demonstrate its superiority and cost-effectiveness. According to the best liver transplant surgeons in India, it might also be a foundation for pharmacological organ therapy and graft optimisation.

Why should we use Normothermic Machine Perfusion in the liver transplant process?

Normothermic machine liver perfusion is a different preservation strategy that may lessen ischemia-reperfusion damage, biliary problems, EAD, and a stem cell transplant. Theoretically, NMP-L eliminates the danger by providing functional liver evaluation before the recipient’s liver is transplanted. Functional evaluation of the liver is possible with normothermic perfusion, sometimes known as “viability testing. Although clinical evidence is being produced, the most commonly acknowledged indicator of viability under normothermic machine perfusion is the liver’s capacity to decrease lactate in the perfusate.

Numerous clinical trials are now being conducted in Canada to examine the therapeutic advantages of normothermic perfusion. Although the dangers and advantages of these techniques are not yet clearly established, they can be utilised to replace SCS completely or for postischemic graft reconditioning. Although difficult to investigate in a medical trial, it will be crucial to consider this technology’s potential to boost liver consumption.

Why should we choose Normothermic Machine Perfusion before transplantation?

Recent studies have proven that NMP is safer and more practical for liver transplants than typical cold storage regarding early chemical liver function. An increase in organ use is predicted to emerge from the capacity to conduct a viability evaluation during preservation and lengthen preservation timeframes. NMP could make better outcomes from contributors after sudden cardiac arrest and steatosis easier to preserve. It also offers the fascinating possibility of liver-directed therapeutic approaches.

Common reasons for liver transplantation

Liver transplantation is the only long-term option available to people with liver failure, as was previously described. The following are the main justifications for undergoing a liver transplant:

  • Chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis brought on by alcohol, primary biliary sclerosis, or hemochromatosis can all cause this last stage of the disease.
  •  According to the best liver transplant surgeons in India, Gene-related liver conditions can lead to liver transplantation.
  • In certain nations, like Uzbekistan, the kind of liver cancer, such as primary hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatic adenoma, Cholangiocarcinoma, and primary hepatocellular malignancies, affects how much a liver transplant costs.
  • Due to hepatic thrombosis and fulminant viral hepatitis, the liver becomes severely damaged, which results in liver transplantation.

Liver transplant cost in India

The price of a liver transplant may vary by +/- 5% based on some variables, including the type of operation performed, the facility, the patient’s general health, reports from the doctors, and the length of the procedure. A typical range for liver transplant costs in India would be between INR 20 lakh and INR 30 lakh. This cost is noticeably low compared to the price of the same care and treatment at hospitals in industrialised nations. 

The price of a liver transplant in India is quite affordable compared to the prices in developed nations like the USA, UK, Turkey, Thailand, and Singapore. Low-cost care in India has established itself as a gold standard worldwide for liver transplant procedures. The skilled liver transplant surgeons from famous Hospitals are renowned for their successful track records and for adhering to the international standards of medical care at an affordable price.


There is evidence that NMP aids in better liver graft preservation and early post-transplant outcomes. The primary goals of this method are to boost the quantity and quality of liver grafts that are available for transplant and decrease waiting list fatalities. The conceptual advantages of NMP-L are straightforward to comprehend, and transplant teams’ early experiences with the device are encouraging. However, the outcomes of clinical studies have not sufficiently demonstrated NMP efficacy.

According to the best liver transplant surgeons in India, a liver transplant is a challenging treatment that may result in issues immediately or years later. Numerous factors, including primary reasons like chemical poisoning and chronic liver illnesses, might make your liver cease functioning. Additionally, the intricacy of NMP-L may increase the danger of organ loss due to a programming error or equipment failure.

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