New Homes in Pine Springs & For Sale

With the hustle-bustle and stress of living in the city, all of us dream of having a home in the lap of nature. Pine Springs is one such place where you can leave all your troubles behind and settle down to build your dream life amidst acres and acres of green space.

This beautiful community is located just a stone’s throw away from Southwest Calgary, very close to the hamlet of Heritage Pointe, and in close proximity to the Southern Alberta foothills. Just imagine what a superb location this will be to buy a new home.

Buying new homes in Pine Springs and for sale houses in this stunning community will bring you close to some fantastic recreational activities, including several golf courses and the mesmerizing Bow River, where you can enjoy fishing or even indulge in some trail walking along the river.

Here are some of the reasons why you should think about buying new homes in Pine Springs and for sale houses.

1. Surrounded By Mountains And National Parks
For anyone who buys new homes in Pine Springs and for sale houses, you will truly be living in the heart of nature as Calgary is less than an hour’s drive away from the majestic Rocky Mountains, and there are multiple National Parks that surround the area. This is the place to discover some of the most amazing scenery, fantastic wildlife, and never ending opportunities to indulge in outdoor leisure, adventures, and recreation.

For those who love the mountains, there can be no better place than the Pine Springs community to reside in. Throughout the year, you get to experience some of the most breathtaking views and experience some of the best outdoor recreation activities.

In the winter months, you would love to hit the slopes when living in Pine Springs, as there are over five top-class ski resorts that are located within two to three hours of driving distance from Pine Springs.

2. Amazing Weather
Pine Springs is located very close to Southwest Calgary, and Calgary is known to have the most sunshine days in a year out of all other cities in Canada. A study done over a period of 30 years by Environment Canada found that, on an average, Calgary received 2405 hours of bright sunshine for 333 days in a year. Imagine being able to enjoy under the sun for the majority of the year.

And it’s not just the amount of sunshine, this entire area is famous for experiencing a weather phenomenon known as a Chinook. These are lovely weather phenomena that have the ability to warm up even a cold wintery day by several degrees, causing the snow to melt. A Chinook may last for several days, giving you the wonderful opportunity to experience spring in the middle of the winter.

3. Close To Everything
Pine Springs, a one-of-its-kind community built by Rare Built builders, is located in close proximity to everything, not just an abundance of nature. Everything is close by, from local shopping centers to restaurants and other amenities.

This popular community has many stores and services that every resident will appreciate. And what’s more, Pine Springs is just 25 minutes away from downtown Calgary, 15 minutes away from the City of Okotoks, and also close to many excellent schools and childcare.

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