Moving from Dubai to the UK

Are you planning on moving from Dubai to the UK? We are aware of the burden of a foreign relocation, but when it comes to packing your bags for a better job opportunity or studies, there is a degree of excitement. If you are thinking of a permanent job in the UK, you may be considering obtaining permanent residency in the UK. Migrating to the UK from the UAE is not an easy job and requires a careful degree of planning. They are going to ensure that the process of immigration is smooth and a hassle-free one.

  • Understand your eligibility: a recent move towards Brexit means you are allowed to live and work in the UK. First, try to understand whether you are eligible to go over to the UK with or without a visa. On the other hand, if you are planning to move from Dubai to the UK to secure a job, then you need to take an IELTS test for work eligibility.
  • Financial preparation: Make it a point that your expenses are covered when you are still searching or settling in Britain. Allocate your budget properly. The cost of the expenses is going to vary depending on the place where you intend to live in the UK. London is expensive, so adding a 40% overhead cost is bound to save you from looking for work. You can cut down the cost by residing outside the capital. If you have a bank account in the UK, do not forget to transfer the funds and close your account in Dubai.
  • Try to understand the type of visa you are going to need—there are numerous online tools that help expatriates who want to work in the UK obtain a visa in a hassle-free manner. The best UK immigration consultants in Dubai are going to advise you about the type of visa that you may need.

Do you happen to be a returning citizen?

Once you move over to the UK after years of working abroad, you are entitled to have the rights of a UK citizen. Before you return, plan to settle your taxes. Register for a self-assessment to check records and calculate the taxes if they are due. If you have resided outside the UK for the past five years, then the wage is not deemed to be taxable, and only the income from investments and other assets is taxable.

Do a self-assessment and try to find out the exact amount of taxes due. On the off chance that you are thinking about a long-lasting position in the UK, you might be thinking about getting super durable residency in the UK.

Do you plan to move in with your family?

There are a series of factors that you need to consider before you are planning to move in with your family. Before you take the leap decide which isthe place where you intend to reside. But after 6 months you may find that there is another area in your neighbourhood that you may plan to reside. Remember there is nothing set and you are always at the liberty to move around.

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