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Solution for Mobile App Development in London:

Investing in a mobile product is a serious decision that will impact your future financially and as a lifestyle. And when you want to build a business around an app, you need more than Mobile App Development in London and mobile designs.

What sets IT Empire’s app developer team apart is that we focus on helping founders and product innovators create a successful digital business, not simply having a product code.

In the last years of building mobile apps and iPhone App Development in the UK, IT Empire has discovered that coding is easy, but it is hard to do the right thing in the right way. IT Empire has specialized in the latter and empower entrepreneurs who want to build world-changing mobile products.

Think of IT Empire as your highly skilled product mobile app development squad that you didn’t think you could afford. It would be best if you had an entire product team of App Developer in London that would be there to build a solid product and to help you grow it, taking the right tech decisions along the way.

When you want to deal with just one codebase but still reach iOS and Android mobile users, IT Empire’s preferred technology is React Native as a cross-platform solution. However, local implementation is still king. In most contexts, React Native is the best alternative to building some mobile apps (possibly) quickly and without having to invest in too much code infrastructure from scratch.

IT Empire recommends going for the cross-platform product when:

• You want to launch an app quickly and try it out with Android and iOS users.
• You want to invest wisely in verification first, then expand.
• You create a simple, functional product where experimental feedback and interaction are unnecessary or deal with usage issues where “offline” use is not crucial.

App Developer in London
App Developer in London

Take your business globally with Mobile App Development in London:

The fact is that the number of Android users in many countries is so high that it is almost necessary to create an Android mobile app for many products. Access to Android as an open-source platform makes it the most popular mobile phone operating system in the world.

At IT Empire, our team of App Developer in London specializes in top-of-the-line Mobile App Development in London for businesses ranging from fitness to healthcare, real estate or fantasy.

The diversity of Android devices can be a challenge for many App Developer in London, but IT Empire many years of experience in coding on Android have enabled us to overcome them in every mobile product we make.

When you go for the first Mobile app development with IT Empire:

In the IT Empire’s experience, going for Mobile App Development in London is the best choice for start-ups and brands when IT Empire has an excellent understanding of their audience and already has market approval.

A local mobile app is also the right choice when you’re focused on building the best UX possible or shooting for more user-friendly growth, starting with a budget that lets you go for it. Is.

Why choose IT Empire as your Android app development Partner?

Focus on UI design and solid coding:

IT Empire’s Android app development services starts with product vision and system architecture and ends with a full trial mobile app. As a design-based product studio, IT Empire is passionate about creating and implementing the best possible UI design.

Make for many Android devices:

Because Android is an open-source operating system, it is also the preferred iOS for manufacturers regarding devices, wearables and other hardware.

IT Empire can help you build your product on various platforms, from a smartphone to a smartwatch, TV, smart home device, or other, depending on your customers’ needs.

Includes all Android capabilities:

The best local apps make the most of what the device offers regarding hardware and sensors. IT Empire’s App Developer in London uses Kotlin and Java as programming languages to tap into the device’s capabilities and create functionalities that empower any product you need for your business.

Fully tested products:

Every mobile app IT Empire develop is thoroughly tested internally before publishing, ensuring that your users get the best design with a set of mobile products and functionality that every time Performs well.

IT Empire creates an iOS App Development that users like for the first time:

Our Apple Developer specializes in coding apps that not only work but can also be scaled fast. Backed by a mature and robust community of Apple Developers worldwide, Swift is a reliable programming language for developing native iOS products, providing the best possible performance and all the options for the iOS App Development user experience.

iOS App Development
iOS App Development

When you should consider creating a native app for iOS:

• Your users expect the best performance and the best UX from your app.
• You want to build a solid foundation for scalability.
• You extensively use the phone’s embedded hardware, such as sensors and trackers.
• Your product is monetized through subscriptions or in-app payments instead of advertising space.

IT Empire takes advantage of the best iOS App Development services and the stability of the iOS platform to create high-end mobile products that people love to use.

IT Empire uses the best development practices to reduce app performance, data security and the best user experience, ensuring that all components come together and provide value where needed. So that your customers stay connected with you and your business grows.

When you go to develop the first iOS App Development with IT Empire:

Despite the high market share of Android when it comes to devices, the App Store generates twice as much revenue as the Play Store.

It has been happening steadily in recent years and is expected to continue in the years to come. Apple device owners are more willing to make in-app payments but are also more critical of the quality of their user experience.

It makes iOS an excellent ecosystem for launching a product, gathering user feedback and improving monetization options to reach product-market fit. In addition, Apple offers a limited number of devices and up-to-date operating systems on almost all of them.

It simplifies the development of a solid product from one point of view but adds a high bar for Apple Developer, as only the best products in the Apple Store have the potential to perform.

Mobile App Development in London
Mobile App Development in London

Why choose IT Empire as your iOS App Development company?

The latest technologies and best practices:
IT Empire is always aware of the latest technology updates and best practices. We only use coding paradigms that allow you to scale your product in the future and ensure long-term maintenance.
Create a safe and stable product:
iOS stands out as one of the safest operating systems, and their manual review system for the App Store means they maintain high standards throughout their store. Our Apple Developer will ensure they take advantage of all the capabilities and requirements to provide a secure and stable mobile product.
Including all iOS capabilities:
We use the Swift and Objective-C programming languages to tap into the capabilities of the iOS device and create a complete user experience. Whether you need your app to work with the device’s camera, microphone, gyro or sensors or to create custom widgets and notifications.

It would be great to stay in touch with the IT Empire:
IT Empire ensures that it is working visually and smoothly in iOS App Development and Mobile App Development in London. If you would like to receive services, call IT Empire on 07588799432, 01617381660 or email us at

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