Medical Tourism Industry in Turkey

The trend of medical tourism or health tourism is booming substantially in the medical scene currently. Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to other countries and enjoying top-class medical care and treatment. Health tourism is often considered by a patient belonging to developing or less-developed countries. This is mainly because the less-developed country may not have the best infrastructure and advanced medical practices.

The trend has also seen a shift, where the patients from developed countries opt for medical tourism in search of low prices and high-quality medical care. They travel to other countries to get the ideal treatment they need in the best environment. The rising popularity of healthcare tourism has led to the expectation that the global tourism market will reach $179.6 billion by 2026.

With the rising popularity in the global tourism market, Turkey is one of the top 17 countries popular countries for healthcare tourism. Why is that? To know the answer, keep reading the article.

The substantial growth of medical tourism

Turkey is one of the few countries that stretches over the east and west continents and is a popular tourist attraction that slowly shifted to become a medical tourism destination. The mesmerizing sandy beaches and the rich history of Turkey have always attracted people from various countries. Over the last few decades, the large-scale investments that poured over the medical field by the public and private sectors have helped in significant improvement of the country’s medical infrastructure.

The government added to the feathers by recently launching well-equipped, state-of-the-art City Hospitals across the country. The private hospitals in Turkey also have made great investments to improve their facilities, medical services, and infrastructure to cater to patients from various countries.

As a result of medical investments, medical tourism in Turkey has been skyrocketing over the past few years. In 2018, Turkey saw about 850,000 medical tourists from more than 145 different countries. The best part is Turkey’s national carrier, Turkish Airlines, discounts the flight fare to people traveling to Turkey for healthcare tourism.

Cost efficiency

Compared to the well-developed countries like the EU and the US, the surgeries in Turkey are 50-60% lower. It is no surprise as patients can travel to the country, have surgery, and enjoy an extended holiday. The astonishing fact is that people still spend less money compared to what they might pay for the treatment in developed countries. For instance, an angioplasty procedure in the US costs about $48,000 on average.

While the same procedure in Turkey costs $5,000. That is mind-blowing, right? This is because the price is much less than in countries like Thailand, India, and Singapore. The list doesn’t come to an end here. Even organ transplant surgeries such as kidney transplant in Turkey cost only about $18,000 while the same costs $60,000 in the USA. Such costly procedures don’t allow everyone opts for the surgery, which is not the case in Turkey.

Well-rounded treatment offerings

While there are different countries popular different types of treatment and surgery, Turkey is not like any other country. They extend medical care to a variety of conditions. People from different parts of the world come to Turkey, not just for hair transplants or IVF. People come here for a variety of treatments like such as hair transplants, cancer treatments, dental treatments, low-cost in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and a wide array of surgeries. They are also quite popular for treating patients with smoking problems. Turkey is also a destination for mental health therapy. Bone marrow transplantation in Turkey has a high success rate at a low price.

Powerful medical sector

Turkey is considered the fourth geothermal country in the world because of its installed facilities. They are only topped by the US, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Many people won’t know this but, geothermal hot water has wide applications in medical treatment. When this is powered by the highly-qualified doctors and health care professionals, and hospitals with top-notch infrastructure, there is no doubt that is Turkey one of the world’s best countries for medical tourism.

Also adding to the list is the astounding number of accredited hospitals that specialize in various fields of medicine like cardiology, transplantation, plastic surgery, and advanced cancer treatment. This has contributed to the exponential growth of the medical sector over the last two decades in Turkey.

Furthermore, once Istanbul’s new airport is launched, the connectivity will improve. The patients from about 50 countries will be able to come to Istanbul with just a four-hour journey. The trends show that medical tourism in Turkey is not going to end soon. It is also a relief that people are in the right direction.

Shorter waiting time and quick response

The average waiting time for the risky and complex procedure is nervously long in western countries. In Turkey, the situation is quite the opposite; the average waiting time here is unimaginably and irresistibly shorter. For instance, the average waiting time in European countries for knee surgery in 18 months. Throughout the waiting period, the patient must go through the pain and manage the condition with difficulty. They care for foreign patients as they can understand the pain in traveling a long way for a medical procedure. Hence, they will schedule the surgery as soon as possible.

Bottom line

If anyone is considering medical tourism, Turkey can be the best option without any second thoughts.

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