The program for vocational education is broken up into a few different modules, each of which has its study part. The specialize portion is represented by one-third of these units, and the remaining teams make up the introductory section, also known simply as the “basic” section of MBA Program.

Your choice of management, marketing, finance, accounting, or personal management will form the basis of your coursework in the International Master of Business Administration program, which focuses on providing you with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to excel in your chosen professional field. Company management, etc.

Business Education In The United States Of America And Europe

Even though there is a significant demand for MBA Program, there is no universally accept norm. Therefore, the quality of a program at a particular university is frequently determine. By an NGO rating, such as EQUIS in Europe, AMBA in the United Kingdom. And AACSB International MBA rating in the United States. There are also credible sources for business periodicals like The Economist and The Business Week.

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Suppose you wish to study business in another country. In that case, you need more than three years of professional experience or a score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) (for the US MBA program).

MBA in the UK

The University of Robert Gordon

Established in the city of Aberin in Scotland more than two centuries ago, Robert Gordon University is a prestigious educational institution. The academic institution received the Sunday Times newspaper recognition as the “Best Modern University in Britain” that same year (2022).

Master of Business Administration, MBA in Information Management, and MBA in Oil and Gas Management are just a few of the MBA specializations available at AMBA-accredited Robert Gordon University, which also offers a comprehensive selection of MBA courses.

The City University of London

According to the Financial Times, in 2022, the City University of London began offering instruction for Pakistani students in the Master of Business Administration program at the Cos Business School. The executive MBA program at this university comes in at number seven. So on the list of similar programs offered in the UK., 14 in Europe, and 38 in the rest of the globe.

The London School of Economics and Political Science

The International Association of MBAs (also known as the Association of MBAs), EFMD Equis, and AACSB acknowledge the City University of London program meeting their standards. MBA programs, Executive MBA programs, and Executive MBA in Dubai are all available to students at this university.

One of the most prestigious schools for business education in the United Kingdom is in London. And its name is the London School of Business and Finance. It provides instruction in 17 different MBA specializations worldwide and has a two-year MBA program. So that is rank among the top 100 MBA programs worldwide.

USA, MBA Programs

New York’s Peace University is a non-profit private institution that provides students. With a comprehensive education tailored to the demands of today’s globe.

The city of Boston is home to the prestigious and exclusive Northeastern University. MBA Students in Massachusetts can choose from programs offered by major institutions in various fields, including health care, finance, and marketing.

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