Maximilian Invites Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault’s Old Customers to Join Them

The Fur Vault at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s has joined the ranks of other fur-free fashion stores, leaving hundreds of its long-time customers looking for a professional fur storage firm to take them in. The move follows a trend in the luxury goods industry toward the use of artificial fur and vegan leather.

However, they will still offer Ugg boots and other items made from cowhide and sheepskin. This move has baffled their regulars, who would have expected them to discontinue selling any items made from animal fur or skin in light of all the negative press surrounding the fur business.

However, contrary to the claims of prominent anti-fur campaigners, the fur industry is highly controlled and adheres to the strictest standards of animal care. Since Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault have closed as a result of the unfavorable public perception of fur fostered by anti-fur campaigns, many fur owners have been forced to find other means of stowing their valuable possessions.

Since then, however, fur has been making a resurgence, and it can now be seen on the runways of more American and European fashion houses than it ever was. Many fur businesses have boosted their fur sales and have also created their professional storage for public usage, making the problem of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault closure, irrelevant.

Fur is a renewable resource that may be farmed or captured ethically, is biodegradable, and provides economic opportunities for indigenous communities. Synthetic textiles stand in sharp contrast to natural fibers because of their negative environmental impact and lack of regenerative potential.

However, some who advocate for the protection of animals are starting to acknowledge that faux fur may not be ideal for the environment. Ultimately, that is not a priority for them.

What bothers them about fur isn’t so much its impact on the environment as it is the slaughter of animals for it. If a gorgeous faux fox coat can convince someone not to purchase a genuine one, then it has achieved its goal, even if it ultimately contributes to the destruction of the ecosystem in which foxes dwell.

If cared for properly, fur may last for decades while retaining its usefulness and beauty. Fur clothing, unlike those made from other fabrics, is versatile enough to be re-styled as the seasons’ change. Fur coats are typically handed down and worn by two or three generations.

In the fur industry, animal welfare is of the utmost importance. Welfare criteria based on scholarly research are incorporated into federal and state laws governing fur farms. These regulate things like animal welfare, sanitation, care, housing, transport, euthanasia, and the size of animals’ cages.

Maximilian’s Fur Storage Services
If you have any fur or outerwear fashion items that were “orphaned” from Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault, please bring them to Maximilian for professional assistance and advice. While you’re there, have a look at their HUGE selection of fashionable fur coats and accessories.

New clients are always welcome, and Maximilian will service any brand or style of natural fiber, fur, or outerwear, no matter where it was originally acquired.

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