Macro or Micro Influencers- which is right campaign for you?

Expected or unexpected distrust from the other peoples are so common now and it had become a problem in social media specifically.  When it comes to the social media influencer marketing them also faces some sudden distress from the unknown public. Therefore, experts took a step about the sincerity that a particular brand will directly broadcast through the bloggers with a small or specific audience. The fees for this might be less as limited audience indulge in the part because of this big brands are more closer to their consumers eventually.

As the small brands or companies couldn’t able to hire and afford to pay to the high profile influencer hub or bloggers for their personal brands. As of now it is usual to see where big brands like to do 40-50 advertising from small scale influencers per month.

In this article you ought to know the difference between the micro influencers and macro influencers:-

Let’s discuss about Macro Influencers

Macro influencers are the bloggers or celebrities with the targeted audience more than 1000,000.

What are its Pros/Benefits?

Capability to touch variant audience segments

An account with a million followers is always target to imply a diverse audience of different age, geographical and social characteristics. Unknown followers above 100,000 are included in Macro influencers. Influencers ought to have the capability of having audience with different ratios and mainly the influencing power.

Lowering the chance of surprises

Big bloggers and celebrities are tending to focus on their reputation and struggle for long-term cooperation with big brands. Therefore the guess or probability of cheating and double-crossing won’t possible so get free from mind to receive unreliable statistic. It will be easier for you to get a perfect blogger who can strictly handle their profile in an existence way.

Level-up the Content

Big bloggers and celebrities who gain their audience either by trial or error won’t bear to loose fans so easily. They better know how to work with the camera, editing and work intensely in the frame and fame of public with the catching content for the audience.

And now, Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers are those small bloggers to only target and focus on the limited audience. Mainly they have 100,000 subscribers. The target and the goal of achieving public trust and make it worth through the social media is the same with the macro influencers.

What are its Pros/Benefits?

Focused, sincerity and dreamer

Micro-influencers are the one who is more close and audible to their customers and fellows. They are more understandable and used to say their second voice in the social media. They can easily elaborate and corporate with their limited audience through the bid brands.

Fees below

Hire micro influencer are easy to target the public or limited audience with the help of social media videos or posts. They often used to say they work for money and passion. That is why their fees are low as compared with the macro influencers but they are the close speakers to the public.

Engagement rates are higher

ER always falls with the rise in audience this is how mechanisms of the Instagram feed are used to be arranged. Also affected by the fact that in large accounts, users leave less comments because they are less to be answered.

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