LT Wright Knives are an Outdoorsman’s Favorite For A Reason

The humble beginnings of LT Wright, a corporation based in Winterville, Ohio, are typical of many small businesses. LT’s first weapon, a kit knife he constructed for his father for Christmas in 2003, gained him some recognition among his father’s acquaintances.

Lt. Wilson was soon apprenticed to RW Wilson, a famed knife maker who has spent the previous 40 years perfecting his art smithing handmade tomahawks and knives. Fast forward to the present day, and LT and his team of approximately six additional artisans continue to produce knives that maintain the highest possible quality.

Every blade is created by hand, from heating to ground, and each one is thoroughly tested before it can be put on the market. LT Wright knives are without a doubt some of the best blades available today, and their passion for craftsmanship is reflected in their knives—The L.T. Wright Genesis.

For those who like a working knife with a substantial handle, the L.T. Wright Genesis is a good option to consider. The handles are composed of solid, long-lasting material with a big diameter. Though a bit awkward to hold (for those with smaller hands), the Genesis handle is surprisingly effective even when used for prolonged periods.

You can rely on the Genesis’ Micarta handle and heavy-duty components to get the job done in any situation. In both wet and dry conditions, Micarta can function at its best, maintaining tenacity and stability in the hand.

Scandinavian or complete flat grind with convex hard buffed bevels are available as options for Genesis’s grinds Because of the 1/8″ A2 flat grind blade, this knife is a genuine slicer with a wide range of applications.

Using a Ferro rod, the blade features a 90-degree edge that produces excellent sparks every time. It is also fantastic for scraping fatwood and bark debris off the ground to build your fire. To avoid dulling your working edge, it is always advisable to use the spine instead.

It’s not simply the technical specifications that make this knife stand out; it’s also the fact that it looks great. On the hand, it works and glides like a French investment account, rapidly becoming an extension of your hand and responding to your orders instinctively.

You won’t find any twists and uncertainties with this knife. It will perform as expected in all positions, exactly as it does when the handles are used. When completing complicated chores, the tip is tiny enough to penetrate small corners, and the belly is soft enough to make slicing a delight for the user.

A decent bushcraft knife must be able to withstand the wear and tear of field use. Despite the fact that it will be used with gloved hands, it needs to be agile and ergonomic.

LT Wright Knives, notably the Genesis, are ideal for camp activities—capable of both difficult and complex tasks. Visit The Knife Connection if you’re in the market for LT Wright Knives and see how these knives are considered an outdoorsman’s favorite for most knife enthusiasts.

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