Lovely Flowers that are Native to India

Now a day we can see the small and beautiful gardens in every Indian house. The garden which is full of beautiful flowers can make your house look more beautiful and more attractive. The flowers are the spirit of the garden and they can also be kept as the centerpiece of the house. But for planting them the proper maintenance should also be there. The different shapes, colors, and appearances along with the magnifying aroma can make you feel refreshed and can also calm your mood and mind. You can easily buy flowers online from many websites.

Here in this article, I will tell you about some flowers that can bloom in India in all seasons 


The most beautiful and everyone’s favorite flower. Which can be available in different colors. You can see the blue rose also in India only. But the most famous shade is the red shade of the rose. Which you can also present to your lover in the bouquet. 


Bougainvillea is the climber plant found in tropical regions. You can grow this vine in your house to make your house look attractive and amazing. This evergreen climber can be the best choice to grow in your garden. The bright color of this climber is very attractive and can tolerate the hot weather also. This can also be the best outside plant due to the thick thorn present on it. The cows and birds refuse to eat it. 

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

The beautiful red color petals have orange anther coming outside. Gives the flower a more attractive look. This flower not only makes your garden look stunning but also has many benefits for your skin and hair. This flower is also used by many students for learning its important properties. This can also be available in more bright colors also. 


It is a common summer garden plant that you can grow in your garden. These flowers have five hundred species. This flower can bloom in summer as well as in winter also. You can see this plant in different colors like yellow, red, and bright orange. They are simple to care for and flourish.


This vascular ligneous flowering plant has broad-leafed vivacious lovely flowers. That comes in various colors like yellow, red, purple, orange, and white. This plant can also seen in bicolor shades. These flowers have no good smell but can be best to make the bouquet to be presente to your friend. It can be grown in drain soil also. 


It has another popular name like native botanists & gardeners as they resemble lily also. 

This plant has bright red colored flowers that can provide sparkle to your eyes. 

These plants need to be protected from some worms and can make your garden look stunning.  


It is world famous flowering plant. Because it is also fount in other countries also. The flowers of this plant add charm to your garden and are therefore one of the garden plants. It does not require much care also for its growth. Thus you can make them part of your garden without any worries. 


The bright yellow, pink, orange, red, & white, and invariably flowers of this plant gives a soothing effect to the eyes. Therefore make it good for the bouquet also. The bouquet of this flower can bring happiness to anyone’s face. And can make their whole day. 


This flowering plant is cultivate for business purposes. This plant can add charm to your garden. The bright flamy color of this flower gives it another name cracker plant. They are also use as decorative flowers on different occasions. If you have any occasion near you can order flowers online in Hyderabad for decor purposes. 

All these plants found in India are unique and are different from one another. Therefore you can order and buy them according to your preference only. Some of them are the best flowers for the bouquet and some are for interior decorative purposes and some can add brightness and aroma to your garden. You can easily order these flowers from different websites at affordable prices. The sites can deliver flowers at your doorstep.

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