List of Websites to Download Any Book or Scientific Article For Free


Getting a well-researched and informative scientific article has now become very expensive, especially if you are a student. That is why; many students are now looking for alternatives through which they can find the best scientific articles free of cost. You can avoid paying for a book or article in many ways. That is right! There are many websites available on the internet where you can download free research papers or books on any subject. Many academics, students, and researchers praised these websites worldwide.

Below we will give you a list of some of the best websites to download any scientific article or book for free.

List of websites:

Here is a list of some good websites that you can use to download any book or scientific articles for free.

1.     Sci-Hub:

In 2011, this website was launched by Alexandra Elbayan, a Kazakhstani graduate student. You can easily access important scientific books or articles using your educational institution’s access. It also has its cache containing many downloaded articles and papers. Many academics, researchers and students give their institutional login to this website. Sci-Hun gives you access to certain papers and will also store a copy through that account. According to a study by Sci-Hub, almost ninety-nine percent of your requests to download a paper or book will be accepted. Click here to visit this website.

2.     ScienceOpen:

ScienceOpen functions as a publishing and research network. It offers access to more than 70 million scientific articles, research or books in almost all areas of science. In order to view the full text of an article, you have to register, which is free. The search function of this website is very advanced as it allows you to find the exact articles you need. You can also bookmark papers or articles you would like to research later from this website. There are many extensive networking options, such as opening your profile on science or interacting with other researchers on a scientific forum. Users can give reviews of various articles and offer their insights and knowledge within the scientific community. Best writers from most PhD dissertation writing services have recommended this platform for research.

3.     Library genesis:

Library Genesis is another easy way to download your scientific article. It has more than 50 million scientific files and more than five million free articles, journals, and papers. There are internet service providers who have blocked this website currently. But, you can still access this website through several mirrors. From its website, you can easily search the name of the article you are looking for and then proceed to download it.

4.    Unpaywall:

It has more than 20 million scientific articles from fifty thousand publishers and repositories. Articles on this website are reflected from authentic government sources. Therefore, it will be completed to download these articles. The archive of this website consists of almost 80 per cent of scientific articles. You can use its chrome extension to get easy and free access to all these articles. To do that, visit here.

5.    Open Access Button:

A group of students started this initiative to fix the broken system. The open-access button was first launched in 2013. It gives leverage to public repositories of scientific research papers to easily make public research and scientific articles accessible to all. This website is user-friendly. If any article you want is not available freely, then the website will automatically send a request to its author to share it. 


This website aims to make your research more discoverable and open by offering downloading services of almost two hundred million scientific articles or papers. This website’s main mission is to help students conduct more productive and efficient academic research. It provides help related to research and bibliography generation. Through the combination of open access databases, students can have proper guidance for their scientific research. It will provide a direct download link or other easy ways to download. Click here to find your research papers.

7.    CORE:

It is another good website to download books or scientific articles for free. It has one of the largest collections of scientific papers or articles. You can search more than 200 million papers or articles on this website. It will give you a direct link to download a pdf of the articles you want for research or other purposes. The mission of CORE is a simple commitment that will offer OA papers to all. They host many scientific communities for researchers and scientists to improve their services worldwide. It offers a simple keyword search and many advanced options for search so that you filter your articles by language, year, author, repository, journal and type. The user interface of this website is very easy to navigate. You can also store your search results in it.

8.    Education Resources Information Centre:

You can get free access to any scientific article from the education resources information centre. ERIC will allow you to search by topics to get material on a specific field. ERIC has a different policy for selecting its sources for material. All material available on this website first goes through a formal review process. It also has a detailed section of FAQ which will address all your queries. ERIC consists of three categories: ERIC content, peer review, and general questions. This also provides good tips for better search and is an excellent website for the scientific content.


Now, it is very expensive to do scientific research. Not everyone can afford to pay high prices for books or research articles. That is why; we have given you accurate details of these websites to help in your research or study. Now, You don’t have to pay to read or download a decent scientific article.

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