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When it comes to saints, St. Michael is a popular choice. These medals depict the image of the Archangel on them, and are available in many price ranges. These medals are made of assorted base metals, including pewter, nickel silver, sterling silver, and karat gold. Many of these medals are made in the United States, but they are also imported from Europe. They come in a variety of styles and materials, depending on the design and metal.

St. Michael is an Archangel

St. Michael is the patron saint of warriors and peace. He appears numerous times in the Bible, where he is called the chief commander of the angels. Throughout history, St. Michael has fought against Lucifer, and he is revered as a powerful spiritual general and soldier for Christ. He is also considered a patron saint of the armed forces and law enforcement. Read on to learn more about the many different ways St. Michael protects Christians from enemies and protects them from danger.

Saint Michael medallion

The cult of St. Michael the Archangel has spread from the East to the West, largely due to the Lombards. They first adopted the cult of St. Michael in the sixth century and constructed numerous religious buildings in his name in Italy. Monte Gargano, where Saint Michael appeared to a young archer named Galgano while he was chasing a white bull, is a sacred site in Italy.

Patron saint of police

Many police officers carry a Saint Michael medallion as a reminder. Police officers also carry charms made of the patron saint for their hats. There are gold-plated St. Michael pendants available, as well as silver-plated ones. A silver-plated medal can also be used as a hat charm. A gold-plated medal will appear more regal than silver or bronze versions.

The St. Michael medal has become synonymous with the police profession and the police department. This medal is often depicted as the police officer’s symbol, because St. Michael is the protector of heaven and the warrior of good against evil forces. His sword symbolizes truth and justice and is often pictured as a warrior over Satan. As a result, many police officers have begun memorizing St. Michael’s prayer to keep them safe.

Patron saint of soldiers

Saint Michael medallion

The Catholic Church has designated Saint Michael as the patron saint of soldiers. Many soldiers include his name in their prayers to ensure their safety. Soldiers believe Saint Michael is an angel who protects and intervenes on behalf of fallen soldiers, ensuring their souls pass to the realm of grace before the Lord. This connection to Saint Michael is held in high regard by soldiers and other military personnel. But why is Saint Michael the patron saint of soldiers?

According to Alban Butler’s Life of the Saints, St. Michael’s name means “who is like God,” and it is his motto against Satan. In ancient Rome, St. Michael was the patron saint of the legions, and even the 82nd Airborne Division’s chaplains give the soldiers a Saint Michael medallion. The 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers earned their fame by parachuting into Normandy on D-Day.

Patron saint of doctors

As the patron saint of physicians, St. Michael is a popular choice for doctors’ devotional jewelry. The Archangel Raphael medal is a unique creation, individually hand-painted and infused with gold to create a beautiful pendant. The medal is then set within a 585/1000 gold frame. Medics are particularly fond of this medal because of its healing qualities. The heavenly messenger is a favorite of many physicians and is revered for his medical expertise.

Saint Michael medallion

In addition to being the patron saint of doctors, St. Michael is also the patron saint of soldiers, police officers, and other professions. His role in the Christian faith is extensive, as he is credited with sending Satan into Hell. Doctors and military personnel also turn to St. Michael for protection against lethal enemies, making him an excellent choice for such a role. Those seeking healing in their field are encouraged to purchase a medallion of St. Michael to wear on a necklace or a bracelet.

Patron saint of dying people

St. Michael is a popular patron saint of dying people, as well as the military. In the early centuries of the Church, he was revered as the patron of soldiers and the dying. He was also considered the guardian of the soul, and a special prayer was recited after every weekday Mass. Today, St. Michael is honored on his feast day, which falls on September 29th. Other patron saints honored on this day include Raphael and Gabriel.

As a champion of the Jewish people, Michael was also considered a defender of the Church. Early Christians believed that Michael was a healer, as he caused a healing spring to spout in Chairotopa, in Phrygia, now part of Turkey. People who were sick would bathe in the spring, and the spring invoked the powers of the Blessed Trinity.

Saint Michael medallion

Ultimate foe of Satan

For many people, a Saint Michael medallion is synonymous with being a police officer. This saint is a symbol of good versus evil and fights for the rights of the weak. He fights Satan in the bible and is considered the embodiment of police values. Police officers are also known to memorize St. Michael’s prayer, which is said to keep them safe and protected against Satan. The saint is also the ultimate enemy of Satan.

Michael is also the Christian angel of death, who aids the souls of those who have died, offering them redemption from the devil and his minions. Saint Michael is also a guardian of the Church and all believers and is portrayed holding the scales of judgment on the final day. His presence in the world inspires people to learn more about spiritual truths and develop a relationship with God.

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