Land Survey and Its Role in a Stress-Free Property Purchase

If you are looking for a place to call home in Canada, a property investment, or simply somewhere to put up your business, Calgary is one place you need to consider. You’ll never go wrong in choosing the World’s Cleanest City of 2019.

Before you go and buy a property in this famous city, one of the crucial things you need to prioritize is to confirm your land-to-be boundaries. It would be best to find the best land surveyors in Calgary such as CORE Geomatics to help you get reliable details about the property and avoid potential problems.

But what exactly is a land survey, and what makes it a crucial part of any property purchase?

What is a Land Survey?
A land survey helps measure the borders surrounding the piece of land you’re interested in, thereby giving you a graphic, detailed layout of the area and the land features and structures standing on it.

By seeing the lot’s legal boundaries and other features, you’ll know what you’re buying, including the problems you might encounter when you finally own it.

And as the land surveyors in Calgary always say, it’s better to be prepared and survey every property beforehand rather than buying it and be taken aback by nasty surprises. A land survey can save you time and money and assists the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction or construction.

Why is a Land Survey Important When Buying Property?
When you find an ideal property in Calgary, visiting the location and inspecting the property is one of the first things you would want to do.

Taking a look around isn’t quite enough, it is very important to hire an experienced, licensed land surveying company. But, of course, there are several other reasons why a land survey company is one of the first steps toward purchasing a property.

● A land survey lets you know whether the seller is honest with the details of the property they are selling and if they are reputable.

● Be aware and know of any encroachments of the property. Land surveying protects a seller from any possible encroachments, and vice versa, determines if someone is encroaching on your property.

● It tells you where you can build a house or other structures and where you can not. It makes it easy to avoid disputes and confrontations with neighboring lands or avoid any types of conflict.

● Understand where any utilities are located on the property.

● Land surveys help you know whether a land’s topography and grading are suitable for the building or structure you want to build.

● It offers peace of mind, which is an essential factor to consider if you plan on purchasing land.

Every buyer is responsible for staying informed. One approach to finding out is to survey the land you are interested in. After all, there’s a good reason you’re buying in bulk. It’s more than simply the property’s spectacular view of Calgary or its proximity to Rundle College and other outstanding institutions.

To minimize future real estate issues, the first action you should take before purchasing land is to conduct a land survey. And picking the appropriate people to help you is an essential aspect of the process.

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