Labrador Retrievers are the perfect example of the man’s best friend


Labrador Retrievers are the perfect example of the man’s best friend. They’re cheerful and outgoing, dedicated to their families, always eager to please, and sociable, but also energetic.

Being an athletic breed, Labs loves to swim and play catch. They are also excellent search and rescue dogs, service dogs, and bomb and drug detection dogs.

Labs are large dogs with plenty of energy, which is why it’s essential to interact with and develop Lab puppies at an early age. Arizona Birds Regular exercise is essential to keep boredom from causing a Labrador from engaging in destructive behaviors such as excessive chewing or barking in order to release the energy that has been stored up.


Labradors typically have a healthy lifestyle, however, they are susceptible to weight gain. A lot of Labs are known to overeat when they are given the chance so be sure to watch their food consumption carefully. A balanced and complete diet and exercise routine will help to keep weight loss at bay.

Other conditions that could influence Labs include elbow and hip dysplasia, myopathy as well as heart diseases. Labs could also be at a higher risk of certain eye conditions, like advanced retinal atrophy.

Similar to the other big breeds of dogs Labrador Retrievers are susceptible to bloat the life-threatening disease. Due to the popularity of the breed, it is at a greater risk of breeding that isn’t responsible to meet the market, so ensure you choose a reliable breeder that conducts extensive health screenings.

Best Dog Food for Labrador Retriever Dogs & Puppies

Being a large breed Labrador Retrievers could benefit from the benefits of a large breed mix of adult formulas or puppies. To help support Labrador’s high energy levels and high levels of energy, it is recommended to use protein-rich dog food could also be a good choice.

Labrador Retriever puppies will thrive with a diet for puppies specially designed to meet their individual needs in their first year. For details on the amount or what time you should feed your labrador puppy or dog look through our feed articles here.


The Labrador Retriever is named because of Labrador, Canada, though the breed was first developed in 19 the-century Newfoundland as a water dog. It was originally named Saint. Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix John’s dog in honor of Newfoundland’s capital city, Labs worked with local fishermen to help them retrieve their fish.

The early Labs might be crossed by Newfoundlands along with other breeds of water dogs prior to when the breed standard was established. In the year 1830 Labs are imported into England and were used as hunting retrievers. The breed was removed from Newfoundland completely following the enactment of government restrictions and tax laws came into effect.

The Kennel Club in England recognized the Labrador Retriever as an official breed in 1903 however, in 1917, the (AKC) was the next to follow 1917. The popularity of Labradors exploded after World War II and by 1991, Labs were the most well-known dog breed within the U.S. They’ve held this top position ever since.

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