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It’s been a while since we talked about Boys’ Fashion and Style


Fashion and style are something that the world can’t run without. It’s something we’re born with. Our choice of a particular style or a particular kind of fashion describes our personality. Not only today but fashion and style have also been a part of human civilization for ages. During earlier times, people used plants, flowers, fruit or flower colors, and different types of leaves to carry on a particular fashion. If clothes became a need, then fashion became a want, and the best part is that everyone has their unique sense of fashion and style, something that they are comfortable wearing, something that resonates with what they are as a person. You might not know, but fashion and style convey things without words. In earlier times, a hat symbolized authority, royalty, and richness. In India, turbans played the same role; they demonstrated the position, authority, respect, and dignity of a person. There are hundreds of examples that can be used to prove that fashion and style is much more than looking good. It’s a way of communication, it’s a way of demonstrating, and it’s a way of giving out messages. 

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If you have to think about fashion, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably a gorgeous dress, a model on the ramp, a fashion show, or a magazine with a stylish celebrity’s picture on it, isn’t it? How many of you thought about women in their scenarios, and how many thought about men in this scenario? Men in this scenario are still not a reflex because the world has excited women’s fashion to another level but doesn’t put men’s fashion in the limelight as much as they should. Your brother, father, spouse, or any male in your body has their choice of style and fashion according to them, but their choices still seem to be limited, and when it comes to women, the world screams for options for them. Let’s break the taboo this time, and the rakhi season is coming. Instead of going for online rakhi shopping this time, get your brother the most stylish outfits. Of course, a rakhi is a need. Along with that, give him something stylish that would suit him or something that would make him look fashionable. There are many options for men, too, if you try to put in the same effort while selecting fashionable stuff for women.

You can order a fabulous gift online for your brother, and that could be something related to fashion and style, because see, giving something like that wouldn’t only make a great gift. Still, it would also motivate your brother to put some effort into dressing up better and matching the fashion trends in the world today, and that too in his utmost comfort and liking. So here are a few stylish things that you can gift to your brother at this rakhi festival. He’ll love it and would surely leave no chance to flaunt it in all the ways. 

  1. Cap-y That: Caps are in the trend these days. They never go out of trend, especially baseball caps. They go with a casual look better than anything else. They’re good to wear out in the sun but can surely be pulled off indoors. Baseball caps make men look firmer and sporty, as in, it can make any casual dressing look stylish and sporty, wearing Bermuda shorts with a t-shirt? Get a baseball cap on. Are they wearing pajamas with a t-shirt? Get a baseball cap on. Are they wearing denim with a polo neck t-shirt? Get a baseball cap on. Baseball caps flip the entire look from extremely casual to appropriately sporty and stylish.  
  1. Get the Monochrome Track in the Rack: Monochrome outfits are considered fashionable these days, and a monochrome tracksuit set would be comfortable, casual, stylish, fashionable, and easy to pull off. Your brother must have at least two monochrome tracks suit in his closet, and you shall gladly take that responsibility on you, the responsibility of giving those to him. They look sporty and smart in all the ways, and oh, so stylish! 
  1. Oppa Gingham Style: A gingham refers to a checkered pattern on a shirt, and through the years, a checkered shirt has never gone out of fashion. Striped shirts are fine, plain shirts are fine, and printed shirts are fine, but the checkered shirts rule the shirt world. It can be paired with denim jeans, and it can be paired with trousers, it can be paired with Bermuda shorts, it can be worn over a t-shirt, it can be tied around the waist for a sporty look, and so much more. A gingham shirt is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe, and your brother deserves it too. Don’t forget to get him basic denim jeans because that’s one of the most killer combinations for men to wear.  
  1. The Cargo with a T: Cargo pants are among the most comfortable and stylish forms of lowers for men. They have never really gone out of trend, people have been wearing them for years, and now it’s gushing back to the fashion streets of the world. Gift the brother cargo pants of your choice with a t-shirt that you think would suit his personality. It could be a skin-tight t-shirt or an oversized t-shirt. You can decide that in a better way.

Men’s fashion is the simple, most complex kind of fashion because, just like women and attire depends completely on the physical features of the man’s body, his liking, disliking, the occasion, his comfort, all and everything, just like women. But they want to stay in the style street and match the current fashion trends. Rakhi is a beautiful occasion to gift your brother clothes that would fulfill all the criteria mentioned above for him. So go ahead, get him some fashion and style, and watch your bro smile.



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