Is Loft Conversion Suitable for Your House?

People with less storage in their houses are always worried about what to do to get extra space to sort out their space issues. Undoubtedly loft conversion is a much easier process to gain extra space in an existing house than moving to another house. There are a few considerations that you need to ponder while choosing a loft conversion for your house. Is loft conversion applicable to your house? Do you also require permission for a loft conversion, and most importantly, what type of conversion will be the best option for your house? In today’s article, I’ll discuss all aspects of loft conversion, whether you need it or not.

What is a loft conversion?

In simple terms, a loft conversion is widely used to expand a specific part of the house in order to achieve extra space by adding a bedroom, bathroom or mini office for storage purposes.

Types of loft conversions:

There are different types of loft conversion options in the market.

  • Roof light loft conversion
  • Dormer loft conversion
  • Hip to gable loft conversion
  • Mansard loft conversion
  • L-shaped loft conversion

Advantages of loft conversion:

A loft conversion can be done for various purposes, if you want an extra bedroom, you may go for a loft conversion. If you wish to have roof lights in your room to enjoy the light throughout the day and night, you may adopt the loft conversion. Whatever the purpose is, the idea is to create space in the existing structure rather than move to another location.

  • Diverse styles:

There are plenty of styles in loft conversions now. It all depends on your need and choice of what you opt for, the most popular types of loft conversion are L-shaped loft conversion and dormer style loft conversion, and if you need a hip to gable loft conversion for a bigger space, you can also choose that. Check out the Loft Conversion Drawings to know the suitable styles for conversions.

  • Expanding the living space:

Expansion of house, whether for a large family or your kids are growing, is important because most house owners move to another place due to a shortage of space. Still, a loft conversion can make the shorter area more extensive. Firstly you need to check your house’s feasibility and examine it to know what type of conversion would be better for the home once you decide you will have an expanded space.

  • Need permission for a loft conversion?

In most cases, planning permission is not important for the conversion of a house, but there are also a few conditions that a person needs to fulfil. Your home must not exceed the volume allowance of 40 cubic meters of extra space for terraced houses or 50 cubic meters for detached and semi-detached houses, which means you can construct your new space by implementing these conditions without any fear of legal action.

Loft Conversions Croydon
Loft Conversions Croydon
  • Adds value to your house:

Loft conversion not only provides extra space to your house but also adds value to your house. This may sound like an investment in your home, but actually, people like to buy such homes which are spacious and well maintained, so a house with a loft conversion can increase the value of your house up to 20%in the market.

Disadvantages of loft conversion:

Most clients appreciate loft conversions, but a few of them also don’t like loft conversion due to these reasons.

Feasibility for living in:

If you intend to make a conversion for a room to sleep in, then keep in mind that most loft conversions have sloping ceilings, which means a ceiling of fewer than 2 meters could be a problem for your furniture to fit in the room.

  • Property suitability:

Houses with low-pitched roofs are not always suitable for a loft conversion. In these cases, roofs may need to be remoulded, at times with great expense. Whenever you decide to convert a house, call Loft Conversions Croydon to examine your structure and get to know about suitable loft conversion for your home.

  • You risk giving up storage space in other parts of the house:

Unless your loft conversion will be used merely for storage purposes, what will you do with the things already there? Conversion can greatly impact storage space in the rest of the house. You may end up with even less storage in the rest of the house than before due to having to make space for the things that were once in the loft.

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