Is It Worth Getting Your Own ID Card Printer for Your Business?

When you work for a company or organization that requires name tags/badges for staff members, the process can be cumbersome. It happens so often that people lose their badges, misplace them, or even break them.

When this happens, you need replacement name tags/badges as soon as possible. Having quick access to high quality name tags will make everything easier for your business. For those emergency badge situations, we recommend using an ID card printer.

What Is an ID Card Printer?
An ID card printer allows companies and businesses to print their very own ID cards and other company-related laminated cards on-site. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from being able to quickly print new name tags.

So, the big question is, should you invest in an ID printer for your business? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of this robust and convenient device to better answer your question.

Print 1,000 cards annually.
For those businesses that require a maximum of 1,000 ID cards per year, an ID printer could be an excellent way to tackle high-volume card printing. It is particularly important if they are for replacements, new employees, students, or loyal customers that need IDs quickly.

ID Cards Fast
ID card printers can supply you with ID cards right when you need them. Some ID card printers can get one card printed in as little as 5 seconds! Now that is fast and efficient.

Uniform ID Cards–or Not!
It is possible to produce uniform cards and badges using ID card printers if you want to provide staff members and colleagues with IDs that have the same consistent look. However, if you are looking to personalize specific cards, then you have that option at your fingertips as well!

High-Quality Lamination and Other Specs
Let’s talk specs, as these ID printers surely have a lot of features and all are quite impressive. Let’s start with the lamination, which is of exceptional quality. With their lamination feature, you can print with confidence, knowing that the cards you create aren’t going to be flimsy, get easily damaged, or break quickly!

Another spectacular feature of ID card printers is that they have single-sided or dual-sided printing capabilities. The Entry Level 31 Series printers, for just one example, have such a capability along with 300, 600, and 1200 DPI (dots per inch), ensuring excellent printing results. They’re also designed for color or monochrome applications, such as photo ID, guest passes, and much more.

Numerous applications.
Another huge advantage of using an ID Card printer is its versatility! With any one of the available ID card printers available, you can accomplish a lot with one handy device, including high security, access control, and more. You can use these printers to create:

● Employee ID cards
● Student ID cards
● Health cards
● Transport passcards
● Event cards
● Loyalty cards
● Membership cards
● And so much more!

Where Can You Buy a Reliable ID Card Printer?
Once you are sure you need an ID Card printer for your business, you should know where to get the best and most reliable one out there. Imprint Plus is the perfect place to begin your search.

Imprint Plus is a leader in the printing industry and has an abundance of ID card printers available to meet anyone’s needs! Check out all of their options and even compare card printers to find the right one for you.

Not only do they have card printers available but a wide range of pre-printed ID badges and cards as well. Give them a call today to get started at 1-855-278-7532.

For more information about Lanyard Name Tags and Id Badge Printing Service Please visit: Imprint Plus.

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