Is it a good idea to make a trendy logo in 2022?

We live in a day where social media platforms are the hype. People post on social media whatever they do. Some people make their bread and butter by posting their life on social media and monetizing it. Since there’s so much social media usage, it sometimes becomes a trendsetter. For example, a person who did anything can become popular for the next few weeks or months.

Trends can be of any type. If a phrase becomes trendy on the internet, you might have noticed that some brands have started using it in their advertisements. However, in this blog post, we’ll talk about startup brands. We’ll discuss if new businesses can make a logo that is based on a trend and if it’s a good idea.

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Why should Logos not be made on Trends?

As we said earlier, trends become the hype for a few weeks or months. They don’t exist forever. People enjoy trends when they are new, and eventually, one trend gets replaced by another. After that, nobody pays attention to the trend like they were doing it before. Thus, if a new business created its logo when that trend was on fire, it will not make sense for its logo after the trend is over.

The business might receive great attention while the trend runs successfully, but afterward, you won’t be able to promote it using the same trend. And the extension of the trend in your brand’s logo can look awkward afterward, too.

Can People Recognize if your brand’s logo is made on a trend?

So, you started a business in those days when people were talking about a trend. You made its logo as well. As a result, people will know your logo is based on a trend. It can produce two results. Firstly, it will help bring you more customers since the people who follow that trend will also come to you. Secondly, those who don’t like that trend would not do business with you despite offering something of their interest. Some of them might do, but still, there would be people who would not buy from you because of that trend you follow.

As a result, you get both excited customers and those who would not buy from your brand. You can’t hide the trend in your logo, and what’s the purpose of hiding that when you are using it in your logo? Even if you manage to hide it, some people can still figure it out. Once they do, it will be known to everyone since we live in this social media society where anything can go viral within minutes, just like the trend you tried to fit into your logo design.

Do trendy logos affect a business?

Yes, it would affect your business both positively and negatively. As we said above, you will get customers and lose them too. It will depend on them whether they like the trend you follow. Unless they didn’t recognize the trend in your brand, you would be like other brands that get the normal traffic. But when it’s visible in your logo that you follow some trend, it will create the scenario where people would run towards your brand or leave it fully. And it would be visible to people at some point. If you put the trend into your logo in a way, you think would not be exposed to people, it would still be. After some time, people will find it.

Moreover, a trendy logo would only affect your business when the trend is active. If it’s not active, people might not care about it, and those who became your customers due to the trend, all the people might not remain the same consumers as they were before. Thus, a trendy logo affects the business.

You can make a trendy logo for some time

But what if a trend is so good that you like it and want to make your logo based on that? Anyone can have such desires. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages, both discussed above. Now, let’s talk about how a person can make a trendy logo without losing customers.

How to make a trendy logo?

Know that you’ll lose some customers unless every person likes a particular trend. We advise you to get a logo design without any pinch of any trend involved in it. When you get that, launch your brand. After a day, launch another logo on social media and in your advertising for a limited time. This way, people will understand that it’s a temporary design. However, some people would still leave your brand despite its trendy logo being temporary. Only those people will become your customer who don’t care about any trend and those who follow that trend.

After the trend is over, you can revamp your logo to its original design. This way, you can make a trendy logo without too much loss. However, we don’t recommend you follow a trend that more than fifty percent of the public dislikes. In that case, it can affect your business badly.

Final Words

So, we have talked in detail about trendy logos. Now you understand how to use trendy logos for your brand and why people don’t recommend making trendy logos. We described a simple way to use them for a limited time with a special offer associated with it. This way, you won’t affect your brand. However, you can still lose some customers.

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