Intriguing Ways To Write Engaging & Enticing Books Or Novels

Feel like writing? Have some ideas but don’t know where to begin? You’ve just landed at the right place. If you’re a newbie or want to improve your skills, here are some tips to help you get rolling with that novel or book idea. We’ll help you frame your narrative from start to finish, including how to write a good first paragraph and how to choose the narrator. Also, we’ll tell you how to develop the characters and environments plus such fundamental aspects as conflict, climax, and outcome using examples that will help you understand how each concept works.

Book or novel writing doesn’t have to be boring. You can make your writing more interesting by using a few tried-and-true methods or techniques; the secret is that there are only so many things you can do while still staying within the formal confines of such writings.

Let’s discuss some easiest yet most efficient ways to get your idea into paper!

Write for What You’re Interested About

Being genuinely interested in the topic you’re writing about is guaranteed to make your copy interesting. When you have a lot of enthusiasm for a subject, you naturally find it easy to write passionately and enthusiastically – making your words lively, energetic, and engaging. You’re also in a better position when writing to have a realistic knowledge of your subject matter which can elevate your status as an expert.

When trying to write an essay, some of you may try wrapping your brain for inspiration and various ideas. However, this leads many people into yet another art trap – a lack of enthusiasm toward a particular subject. This makes it difficult when being forced to write an essay about a subject that you find boring or might not believe in. 

Introduce A Character that Readers Could Relate With

Remember your characters’ personalities when writing a character-driven novel or short story. Let your audience see something about that person that will make them want to get to know them better. Think of introducing this person like you are meeting them for the first time – let the narrator’s voice speak!

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Choose the narrator

Once you are clear about the story you want to tell and have worked on the characters that will develop it, you have to decide which narrator you will use in the narration.

As a writer, you need to determine who will be the main storyteller, as well as the amount of content you will provide to the readers throughout the narrative. In addition, you have to decide whether the narrator is directly involved in the action and therefore narrates it subjectively or whether the narrator can only report the action objectively.

Say No to Stereotypes & Surprise the Readers

The excessively predictable or obvious is a bad ingredient for the story. Surprise is a key factor for the brain to connect. And said the other way around: boredom is incompatible with attention.

If the characters show behaviors far from stereotypes, the stories will have more possibilities to surprise and interest.

Make Sure to Portray Your Message

It doesn’t matter if your story has two paragraphs, or two hundred pages, whether it’s a 10-minute short or a 5-season series: there always has to be the main message. And just like a house’s foundation, it must be well defined before you start.

What is the meaning of your story? Do you want to sell a product, raise funds for a charitable cause, explain how a service works, or advocate for a cause? To help you nail down your message, try to summarize your story in a 6-10 word sentence. If you cannot do this, it is a sign that you need to work on the main message.

With these simple and effective ways, you’ll surely reach the point you’re dreaming of. Be sure to let your creativity shine into papers, and let yourself open to criticism. Critique can only help you get better at what you’re doing.

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