Instagram Guides: The best way to use them

Instagram Guides: The best way to use them

Instagram Guides is a new feature that can help creators and brands achieve more organic, targeted growth. Learn how to use it.Instagram has been a hot commodity with new releases. Guides were previously only available to select accounts. Guides can be a great way to increase your profile’s discoverability and also provide a way to compile useful information for people interested in your niche. Instagram Guides can be used to find out what your audience is asking by using repurposed content or in a guide format. Let’s now know Instagram Guides and how they can help you grow your account. click here

What are Instagram guides?

Instagram Guides can be thought of as blog posts. These guides are an easy way to share information and curate content. They also give your videos and posts an editorial touch. They offer different benefits depending on whether your brand is a creator or a manufacturer. There are three types:

Places – A guide to your favorite places based on saved posts or your posts.

Products: Search for brands to add their products to a “gift guide” or “wishlist.”

Posts: Share your posts to create a guide on a topic.Guides can be used in the same way as hashtags to group content. You can place related posts on one topic in a guide your followers can view. You might make a guide about confidence if you’re a life coach. This Guide will contain all your posts, carousels, and videos related to confidence. You can add text, a title, and additional advice to your posts.

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What are the benefits of Instagram Guides?

Before we go into the details of how to use Instagram Guides, let us look at what they can do for your account.You can add your commentary in a different format than a caption to give your audience a better understanding of you. Guides feel more like articles or blog posts, and your commentary feels rawer. This could be a great way for you to keep your followers.

These are more relevant to your audience. Instagram has created a new tab for Guides. Users can view all the Guides made by any individual by clicking on this tab. The user can then choose the guides that interest them and view them in a tailored-to-them experience. This includes posts that they most likely resonate with.

How to find Instagram guides

These can help increase your visibility. A Guide you’ve created can help someone find older content that wasn’t on your feed. This could almost be a repurpose of your content and lead to more conversions on the page.It’s a great option for businesses to create guides based on specific products or locations. A gift guide could be created by partnering with an influencer. This will allow you to position your products in front of your target audience.

They can be used as a starting point for further development. You can always go back to the Guide you have created. You can edit them to add new content to your Guide that matches one of the themes. It’s almost like a Pinterest board.It is often beneficial to use a feature that Instagram has just released. Some users claim that the algorithm may reward you for trying new features at the beginning of their launch. They are less competitive later on.

How to Use Instagram Guides

You now know why Guides are important to increase your growth chances. Let’s discuss how to use Instagram guides more precisely.To create a guide, go to your profile, and click on the “+” button at the top right-hand corner.

Guides for Instagram

Select Guide and choose whether you want to create a guide based on places or products’.

Instagram strategy.Choose the posts, products, or places you want to include in your Guide.

Instagram strategy.You can add a title and cover photo to the Guide. Add a description of the overall Guide.

How to Find Instagram Guides

Let’s see how you can find live-action Instagram guides examples, whether you’re looking for something a little more serious or a fun way to get lost in a rabbit hole.

It’s really easy. Creators create guides. Visit the Instagram account of any creator and search for the guides icon. If you don’t see one on their Instagram profile, it could be that they aren’t creating any yet. ).

Three ways Instagram guides can help your business

1. Give how-to instructions

You don’t have to limit yourself to explaining videos or blog posts of 2000 words. These can be combined into an Instagram guide, which combines text and visuals into one thread. The Instagram content can be used to preview a more detailed guide on your YouTube or blog. This will help drive traffic just like a thread on Twitter.

You will need to outline the steps you want to include in your how-to Guide before you begin to create it. If you find content relevant to certain steps, link to it or add that post to your Guide to fill in the gaps. For the final touch, you will need to add numbers, step-by-step titles, and captions.HubSpot created an Instagram guide for small business owners and marketers on remote work tips.

2. Invite team members

Marketers creating Instagram guides need to be creative. Although the feature’s name is “Instagram guide,” you don’t necessarily have to use it that way, as you’ll see in these examples.

Suppose your brand relies on personal interactions with people such as a daycare center, wedding planner, or catering company. In that case, it can be more relatable to show the faces behind your business.It could be compared to an “about us” page on Instagram. This type of Guide can be combined with an FAQ section to kill both birds. An Instagram guide can quickly introduce your team members, whether they are new employees or the entire company. In each guide post, include your headshot, name, role, and description.

3. Demonstrate customer testimonials and reviews

Social proof, such as customer testimonials and reviews, is vital for every business. This helps to show shy strangers that your product/service is worth trying. It can make the difference between a sale and an Instagram post.You can create an Instagram guide by combining customer reviews with your ideas. You should include numbers and results wherever possible.

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