Influencer marketing in India: Benefits and Drawbacks

Influencer marketing has emerged as a prominent strategy many businesses use to connect with and attract customers. A growing number of companies are choosing to employ influencers to market their goods and services. In fact, a whole lot of marketers believe that influencers who help promote a product would attract qualified leads and visitors. One of the marketing strategies that consumers nowadays appear to be most interested in is influencer marketing. Numerous firms, from little mom-and-pop stores to multinationals, have embraced this kind of marketing and profited greatly from it.

Most companies favour this tactic since it produces results faster than more conventional marketing techniques. Influencer marketing can boost engagement, conversions, brand exposure, and visibility. Influencer marketing, like anything else, has advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of influencer marketing in this post.

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Influencer marketing Benefits:

Influencer Marketing Helps You Finding the Right Clients

Businesses spend countless hours attempting to create ideal consumer profiles and personas for a good cause. You’ll struggle to see any ROI if you aren’t concentrating your marketing efforts on the correct kind of customers.

You can use influencer marketing to locate the ideal clients by working with the proper influencer. You merely need to look at an influencer’s audience to acquire access to a good pool of prospective consumers if they have admirers who are your company’s ideal clients.

Instant credibility and trust

One of the most challenging jobs a business must do in today’s more cynical consumer market is earning the trust of its target audience.

However, by working with influential people in the sector, shops may quickly gain customers’ trust since internet celebrities endorsing a product or service convince them that the company and its goods are valuable. This is crucial for direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies since potential customers may not be acquainted with them.

Additionally, customers want to see things in use in the real world so they can get a true sense of the product. Influencers not only satisfy this urge via their material, but they also help consumers associate the brand with their moral character and unique style.

Increasing Brand Awareness

The number of followers an influencer has might range from 1,000 to well over 1 million. You have the opportunity to present yourself to all of these individuals when you collaborate with an influencer. It’s challenging to match the impact of obtaining all those eyes on your goods with just one social media post, even with effective conventional marketing.

Rise in Sales

Without a doubt, influencer marketing and social media work well together to increase sales. Marketers would have given up on this strategy if it weren’t effective. Influencer marketing has the ability to significantly increase your sales in addition to drawing additional attention to your company. You’ll have a gold mine of new business if you can access the correct influencer’s audience.

High-Grade User-Generated Content

A good influencer marketing in india advertising campaign will be aware of your image goals and the message you want the influencers to spread, and they’ll give it a creative twist so that it reaches their following and promotes your company. Additionally, these influencers will create many high-calibre client-generated materials, which will help your cause. You may save this user-generated material in your content repository and utilise it in future marketing campaigns. In addition, influencers successfully get more UGC from the audiences they target. Influencer-produced content is often competent and reliable.


Working With The Wrong Influencer Might Be More Detrimental Than Beneficial

Finding the proper force to be reckoned with for a brand’s objectives requires commitment and effort. If you don’t collaborate with the correct influencers, it may impair the standing of your image. The influencers may be filtered according to their reach, geography, and other factors. Additionally, you may search for them using names, handles, and hashtags.

High Prices

Some of the most well-known social media influencers charge tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of INR for every post.

Since the majority of firms cannot afford such sums, they look for influencers of lesser calibre. However, even mid-tier influencers may cost thousands of dollars for each post compared to typical influencer fees. This is one of the main reasons many sellers choose to work with a group of micro-influencers rather than just one or two of their more significant competitors to create content.

It Takes Up A Lot Of Time

An influencer marketing campaign necessitates labour to meet its demands and takes time and money to start up. You must research, choose an influencer that fits your brand, prepare your partnership agreements, back up the content your influencer selected, and evaluate the success of your campaigns. Assuming you must go this route and make an expenditure to get the benefits of an influencer marketing campaign.

Contains a High Risk

Influencer marketing efforts often don’t guarantee the best results. In the unlikely event that an influencer cannot provide stellar content, they may fail to connect with your target audience. The time and money you invest in such situations will be in vain.

Influencer Exhaustion

Shoppers will have some difficult times recognising who to trust, even what is obvious to the untrained eye, such as Facebook and Instagram being saturated with more sponsored sponsorships from promotions and influencers. In actuality, just 5% of people accepted the information provided by influencers through online media. Whether or if businesses work with influencers who are compatible as partners, trends seem to indicate that forces to be reckoned with now seem to have less sway on consumers.


These are the main advantages and disadvantages of influencer marketing. Before deciding to include influencer marketing into your entire marketing approach, I hope this will provide you with the information you need to make an educated choice. Like anything else in business, it’s essential to be well-prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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