Importance of Looking For an Asphalt Roof Replacement

When looking for a roof replacement, many factors should be taken into consideration. These include the cost, durability, color options, and installation process. Before making a final decision, ask a professional for advice. Remember that you’ll be living with this decision for at least two decades. Consider this information when choosing a new roof for your home. Read on to learn more about these factors. After all, it’s your home and your roof.


The cost of an Asphalt Roof Replacement Texas City TX varies depending on the type of material used and the location of the home. The average residential re-roofing project can cost anywhere from $5,400 to $11,000, with more expensive projects involving more complex installation and premium materials. The following guide will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. The average cost for a residential roof replacement project is $6,375 to $8,500 for a four-square house.

Premium shingles can cost up to $10 per square foot. The extra expense is offset by the longer labor warranty. You should opt for a 10-year workmanship warranty. However, if you decide to install composition shingles, you should expect the cost to double or even triple. Regardless of which type of asphalt shingles you choose, you should know that an asphalt roof will rarely last 50 years. If you want to replace your roof in a few years, you may want to consider recycling it.


When it comes to the durability of an asphalt roof, a lot depends on the contractor. There are several factors to consider, including the contractor’s history and reputation for completing proper roof installations. The direction of your home and the amount of direct sunlight also affect the life of the asphalt roof. While it is difficult to predict the exact lifespan of your asphalt roof, you can take steps to extend its life. If your shingles develop major cracks, it may be time for a replacement.

Asphalt shingles and architectural shingles both have the same materials, including crushed fiberglass. However, the durability and longevity of shingles can vary. If you live in a warm, humid region, you may want to consider algae-resistant shingles. Architectural shingles are a premium type of asphalt shingle. They are three times thicker and form a denser roof. They typically have higher warranties and longer lifespans.

Color options

While you might be tempted to use a solid black asphalt roof, you should consider other colors instead. Red and brown asphalt shingles give off a warm glow after sunrise, making your roof less susceptible to heat. However, it is important to consider the color of your house and personal preferences to decide which colors best fit your home. Darker asphalt shingles are best suited to homes with dark colors, while light shingles will blend in with most other color schemes.

While selecting a color for your Asphalt Roof Replacement Hillcrest TX, try to consider your home’s overall color scheme. A light roof can make a home appear a little lopsided, and a dark roof can make a home seem out of balance. In contrast, a dark color is grounded and solid. If you live in a light-colored neighborhood, a dark color may make your house appear too white. If you’re not sure which color to choose, consider consulting a professional.

Installation process

If you want to replace the old Asphalt Roof Replacement Clear Lake City TX on your home, you can follow the steps described below. The first step is to lay down starter shingles half an inch past the drip guard. The purpose of these shingles is to keep water from accumulating on the underlayment. The shingles should be laid by eaves and joints. After you have laid the starter shingles, you can start installing the first course of shingles. Start with the shingles on the bottom and overlap them as you go across. To make sure you are not tripping on any shingles, you can use a chalk line to ensure the proper spacing. When you have completed the first course of shingles, you should proceed to the second course.

Before laying the new roof, the old one must be removed. A lot of people make the mistake of adding several layers of roofing material to their house. But this can cause premature failure of the roof. Before installing the new roof, the old one must be completely removed. It should be stopped down to the sheathing and rebuilt. The sheathing is the base layer of the roof and provides support for the shingles. Without it, the old roof can collapse and cause structural damage.

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