Immigration Software And Case Management For Attorneys

Immigration processes can be easily considered one of the most complex and challenging practice areas for attorneys. In most cases, it’s not enough to know the immigration law, and a single discrepancy in a visa or other immigration form can easily delay a case for years. In addition to the actual precision legal work, law firms also need to deal with client management, sometimes a family of clients- and complete other administrative tasks. 

Dealing with immigration law is rewarding, but it can quickly get overwhelming. In addition to the work complexity, there’s also the sheer volume of forms, data entry, and evolving cases demands. Attorneys need to learn to be flexible, prioritize their time, and work dynamically. However, these skills don’t come easily unless you have immigration case management software to help specifically or attorney-client management software built for immigration law firms-like imagility.

Save Time with Immigration Professional Software

Using immigration software for attorneys to run a more efficient firm is not new. Such software allows you to standardize practices in your firm, delegate or automate tasks, and help you strike a balance between firm and attorney. However, most immigration law software is generalized, offering features that help any law firm. Many popular platforms available in the market do not get practice specific. While still advantageous, such software won’t be able to facilitate that high degree of complexity and accuracy required at every stage of the immigration process. 

It’s recommended to have software specific to your firm’s requirements. Something which can help effortlessly manage all primary functions of your immigration practice through a single, intuitive platform and streamline your cases from start to finish.

US Visa Tracking with Imagility

Imagility is a dedicated immigration software for attorneys. It’s easy to use and learn and provides excellent customer support. Imagility’s features allow law firm owners to run a more efficient, remote, and flexible practice. It’s a cloud-based end-to-end immigration platform with powerful and intelligent petition building, petition analysis, and RFE response building features.

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Client Management

Imagility also makes client management effortless. It provides a branded and secure client portal that makes it easy to use and convenient for your clients. With its help, users can easily manage files, submit intakes, and complete forms with the help of an internet connection. The client portal also offers built-in text messaging and high-grade security standards and is HIPPA compliant. In addition, it allows connecting clients to multiple matters, so you don’t have to re-input data and keep information together. Such a thing makes it straightforward to pivot matters as needed, giving you more flexibility in managing client-related cases. 


These features, combined with Imagility’s user-friendly interface, make it an excellent option for established and new law firms, especially if you are considering moving to a paperless and remote practice. At Imagility, we provide attorney-client management software that allows employees to prepare, track, manage and navigate H-1B petitions with better control over each stage. In addition, our comprehensive software also improves acceptance and reduces denials faced by petitioners over several visa types, thus reducing the time and money taken to process applications.

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