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Smart Security Solutions

The company believes in securing your home the best way. These technology based lock systems are a product of igloohome. The locks are designed in such a way that one can get access to the homes even when the owners are not present. Unlike other locks, the locks designed by igloohome do not require the owner to be present all the time.The company makes sure that the locks provide 100 percent security and they are not easy to crack by outsiders. The system installed to maintain security is high-tech and user friendly. The system is easy to understand and is a reliable choice of many people already.

Smart Security Solutions is a company that is the prime distributor of the locks designed by igloohome in Malaysia. The company is also an authorized resold for the same.the company also offers after sale services. Once a purchase is done from the store, master installers are sent to the places where the locks are to be installed to check for the efficiency of the work done. The installers also help the customers understand the process of working of the locks; Smart Security Solutions deliver these locks nationwide and they have authorized retailers in every region of Malaysia.


Founded in 2017, our company, Smart Security Solutions aims to offer our customers with state-of-the-art technology to keep your properties and business safe. This year, we’re bringing in Korea’s #1 smart locks – Solity to our stores. We deliver both products and installations whereby our installations and services are fulfilled by our team of dedicated master installers and experienced technicians to ensure that you get the best of services and security.


Looking into investing your very own smart lock for your properties or business? Locate our nearest dealers to obtain a demo of our products.


Reaching the next height of security and technologically advanced smart locks and smart locker, we are proud to share our presence in Malaysia.

Make coming home the best part of your day

A home is where people discover, experience, create and rest. We believe your home should be your haven. We want to make access work for you, instead of you working to access, with the best security for your comfort and peace of mind. Our technologically-advanced security systems are secure, flexible, fuss-free to ensure that you get to enjoy your home sweet home. Whether you’re expecting housesitters or deliveries, your home will be waiting for you – safe and sound.

Solity’s One-step Fingerprint Recognition Mortise Lock


This premium selection of Solity’s smart handle door lock is a smart and convenient door lock made for homeowners who prefers the conventional way of unlocking the door.

It exposes a timeless yet ordinary design complemented with modern-day technology and functionality from Solity.

Introducing the Solity GM-6000BKF Mortise Lock

Discover the functionality of our one-step fingerprint recognition mortise smart lock by watching this video. Get to know more about the 0.9 seconds fingerprint recognition, syncronized unlock and more.

Solity’s One-step Fingerprint Recognition Push-pull


This premium selection of Solity’s smart lock is a smart innovative door lock among the Push-pull door locks in the market.
It exposes a timeless and superior design complemented with state-of-the-art technology and functionality.

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