Ideas for Topics for Podcasts to boost the growth of Your Podcast

Ideas for Topics for Podcasts to boost the growth of Your Podcast

1. Stock market

If you’re interested in finance, it is possible to aid your listeners in click here taking into account the state of the stock market by offering daily news updates. You’ll have to stay on the pulse, but it could be enriching in many ways for you and your listeners. You can also convert your podcast audio into a video. It’s a lot easier than you think. As long as you have the proper tools.

2. Tutorials

Are there particular issues that your target audience is facing? If you can answer that question, do you think you could make it into a lesson?

The most informative tutorials are also entertaining. Therefore, make sure you keep it fun. It is also possible to include experts on your podcast who will help you find solutions to listeners’ pain concerns. If the subject is complex, you could transform it into a series of How-to podcasts.

3. Cooking

The majority of people eat at least three times per day. This is why cooking is a popular topic, to be sure. Alongside instructing your viewers on how to cook, you could also speak with local chefs or present your ideas on food at the most popular eateries. To make this work, however, you’ll have at least share some of the secrets of your grandmother’s recipes.

4. Hacks

Instead of focusing on a specific subject like cooking, look at general hacks that potential listeners could utilize to help them navigate their daily lives. From furniture purchases and saving money to hacks for the home, there are plenty of helpful tricks you can offer. You don’t need to be Simple; elaborate solutions are the things your readers are looking for.

5. 3D printing

The emergence of new technology such as 3D printing could make for an exciting display. From product reviews to various methods to practical applications, there is a wealth of information you can discuss. Keep a current on the latest developments in the field so that you’re among those podcasters who are the first to announce significant advancements. You can also answer questions from your listeners to ensure that your content is relevant and keep your listeners interested.

6. Technology

Although 3D printing is an enthralling topic, you could also concentrate on other areas such as design, manufacturing, or even technology. You can include the entire spectrum to make it enjoyable, including the most recent technology news review of gadgets, future forecasts, etc.

7. Gaming

According to statistics on gaming, they predict that the industry will grow to the $268 billion mark in 2025. Although you’ll not be in a position to stream your games live, however, you can make podcasts that discuss many of your most played games and also shares tips and tricks.

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8. Pets

Many pet owners require assistance with the primary care of their pets. From one animal enthusiast to another, you can assist your audience members in comprehending the signals their pets send them or share humorous stories about the life of your pet.

9. Sports

If sports fans don’t watch the actual match, it’s a show about the sport. It could be a prematch preparation or post-match interview; plenty of content can keep viewers entertained. Therefore, if you’re planning to start podcasts that focus on sport, you’ll be able to attract a captivated audience. Alongside a summary of highlights from the most recent game and announcing interviews with professional athletes and coaches. It’s not necessary to choose just one sport.

10. Travel

All you need to do is check on Instagram to find that travel is a popular subject all year. Each episode can be devoted to a particular town or area. To distinguish your travel podcast from other similar ones, it is possible to talk to locals about their most loved things to do and attractions that give you an authentic experience. If you frequently travel or travel with your family, you can share some of your own travel experiences.

11. Camping

One of the benefits of camping is its long list of equipment and gadgets you can purchase to enhance your camping experience to the next level or perhaps transform it into glamping instead. Naturally, the preparation and packing is an adventure of its own. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of subjects to explore.

The market is enormous—over half (56 percent) of millennials camp. In addition, since the COVID-19 epidemic affects travel, it’s likely to see more travelers will switch to camping.

12. Alternative housing options

In light of the increasing concern about global warming, increasing interest is expressed in sustainability and considering rethinking their lifestyles. Tiny houses are now enormous! More and more people are looking to get entirely without electricity. However, they require assistance.

Another topic that is getting more and more popular is urban farms. What tools do you require? What kinds of vegetables are the easiest to grow? Exploring these topics will help your readers be more sustainable even if they’re not yet ready to leave the grid.

13. Fashion

If you’re considering making a fashion-related blog, ensure that you focus on a particular age group or style. Are your podcast’s content more appealing to moms who stay at home or millennials? There’s a considerable distinction.

14. Creative writing

A podcast can provide you with an excellent way to expand the reach of your website. Apart from increasing your following and followers, you can also utilize it to increase exposure to your work. For example, if you’re creative, you can read poems, short stories, or excerpts from your book to your readers. Imagine it as an open mic night.

If you’re not ready to share your work with the world, it is possible to provide writing advice. Many people are uncomfortable with their writing abilities and may appreciate a program to help them improve in this field.

15. Science

If you’ve got an education in science and technology, you may be able to make a podcast that you can communicate complicated subjects in a manner that’s simple to comprehend. In recent times there have been a lot of podcasters (like Mark Rober and the people at Mythbusters) that have come up with methods to keep science more interesting. The benefits of using podcasts as a medium can be that it doesn’t need to blow up objects.


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