How to Use Digital Laminates to Get That Perfect Monsoon Look

After the scorching heat of the summer season, the monsoon brings with it some solace. While the sound of rain droplets is music to the ear, the woes of potential dampness in the walls, floor, and furniture of the home give enough reasons to worry. While it is the ultimate fun to enjoy snacks with tea with family on a rainy day, the fear of water leakage and moisture can spoil the party. One must find some waterproof surfacing solutions, such as Royale Touche laminates sheets, to rejoice in the monsoon to its fullest.

If you are planning to redo the interior this monsoon season, laminate sheets are what you can consider as the surfacing material for flooring, walls, and furniture. This blog piece will guide you through some handy ways to use digital laminates to give your home the perfect monsoon look. Here we go without further ado.

Revamp your bedroom with laminate wall panels

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces where you spend quality time with family and loved ones. Incorporating digital laminates on its walls could be a great way to welcome the monsoon. Digital laminate wall panels are adorable enough to change the mood of the entire room. Since they come pre-printed or custom-printed, you can use them to achieve any look you want.

If you are a nature lover and want your bedroom to look lively and vibrant, find laminates featuring mesmerizing scenery. Design your walls with laminates displaying inspiring and lifelike patterns and themes if you wish to add a touch of class and sophistication to the interior. Design choices with Royale Touche laminates for the bedroom are endless. You can explore the laminate catalogue until you find ones that give your bedroom a perfect monsoon look.

Spruce up your kitchen with laminate sheets

Laminates from Royale Touche are a great way to beat the monsoon gloominess. They are an ideal surfacing material for every corner, from cabinets to doors, kitchen top, floor, and walls. The creative use of bright-coloured digital laminates in the kitchens will make the interior look brighter. You can use them to carve out emotions. They come in a selection of eye-catching digital prints to give your kitchen the coveted monsoon look. Choose a laminate design that best fits your interior style. If you have no idea what colour and design will do the trick, you may consult the same from a professional interior designer.

Laminate sheets have a smooth surface finish and are easy to clean. These features do not let the dirt settle on the surface, thus preventing bacterial colonization. With them in the kitchen, hygiene is no more a problem. So, their application in the kitchen will lead to healthy living. There are instances of a moist smell in the kitchen during the rainy season. It may be due to improper cleaning or water or moisture infiltration into the cracks on surfaces of the kitchen. One great solution to this problem is laminate application.

Give your furniture a modern look with digital laminates

Furniture pieces need equal attention when upgrading the look of your home. You can move no further in the project without designing your furniture. Digital laminates can give your old, out-dated furniture a brand-new, refreshing look. They are suitable for every piece of furniture, from wardrobe to table tops, shelves, and cabinets.

Wooden furniture is more prone to dampness and moisture in the monsoon. Laminating it with digital laminates can serve dual purposes: protect it against dampness and make it look elegant and stylish. Royale Touche laminates are available in a selection of adorable designs and prints to revamp your furniture in the rainy season.

Choose a floor design that gives your home that perfect monsoon look

The floor is the centre of attraction in the home. It is something that uplifts the overall feel and looks of the space. So, choosing the apt flooring material and design is crucial to giving your residence the perfect monsoon appearance. One of the most widely used and trendiest materials for floor design today is laminate sheets.

Whether you choose digital or high-pressure laminates, they are durable enough to withstand scratches, moisture, heat, and harsh weather conditions. If installed properly, laminates do not let dampness break into the floor, which may cause damage. That given, laminates prove to be the best material to spruce up your flooring in the monsoon season.

Mix colours creatively to add style to the interior décor

Be selective while choosing colours for your home design during monsoon. Vibrant colours could be the best choice to make your home look chic, trendy, and exclusive. Choose colours in a way that creates a set theme and makes monsoon stylish. For more help on colour and design selection, contact Royale Touche.

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