How to Store home Furniture in the Storage Unit

Your house furniture is one of the heavy investments that make your place decorative and stylish. When you have to select the furniture you are going to select the décor style of your place. You want to keep the furniture clean and safe to keep it in its original condition.

There will be a time in your life when you need to make your home free from the furniture for deep cleaning or to move from one place to another. At this time you have to protect your furniture from any damage. At this time self storage Birmingham can help you to store the furniture for the short and long term.

Why you should select a Storage unit?

There will be many options that can work to store your furniture. But a storage unit is the most secure and clean option to use for your furniture. When you rent a house or apartment for your furniture it will be costly and not secure for long-term usage. On the other hand, a storage unit is a cheap and secure place for short and long-term storage for your home furniture.

Tips to Store the Furniture in the Unit

When you have decided to store your furniture in the storage unit you have to ready your items. You have to store the items with proper packing to avoid any damage and keep the items in good condition. Here we are going to discuss some tips to prepare your items for unit storage. These tips will help you to make your home furniture ready for storage:

Wash the Rugs

If you are going to store the rugs in the unit keep them clean. A deep wash will be enough to remove the dirt and dust. Use the vacuuming method for the deep cleaning of your rugs. This method will keep the rugs in good condition for a long time.

Deep Clean the Couches

Keeping the dirty couches in the unit can cause bad odors. You have to deep clean the couches before storing them in the unit for a long time. You have to maintain the look of the couches by deep cleaning before long time storage.

Sealed Boxes for small items

For the protection of items, you can use boxes that are sealed and keep the items safe from dirt and dust. You can tape the boxes to keep them protected from any damage.  

Cover the furniture

When you have put the furniture in the unit, the next step is to cover it completely. You can use plastic covers to keep the items secure from any pests.

Factors to Consider before Selecting the Unit

There are many types of storage units but you have to select the unit that can keep your items secure. Before the selection of storage keep in mind different factors that will help you to get the benefits for a long time. Here we are going to discuss some factors that are important to consider before the selection of a storage unit:

Unit Size

This is the most important thing for furniture storage. Select the unit according to the size of your items and get help from the measurement book of the unit. These units have different sizes according to the size of your items.

Climate Control

Extreme temperature can be the reason to destroy your items. It’s important to select the climate control unit that will protect your items at any temperature. Climate control units can keep any type of item and help to keep them safe and secure.

Security Measures

Security is the main concern for valuable items. Check the security measures that a storage unit offers during the usage of the services. Check the cameras and the security guards’ duty for the security of your items.  

Transport Arrangement

Furniture storage is not an easy process if you don’t consider the transport issue. Before the selection of a storage unit, get the transport arrangement if the unit is offered. If the unit is not offering you can ask for the transport.

Unit Cleanliness

Deep clean the unit before saving your furniture in the unit. This deep cleaning will keep your items safe and secure for a long time.  

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