How to Start a Screen Printing Business?

You will find almost none in this world who does not love to wear t-shirts. There is a strong market for screen printing business from medium to large scale. The business does not demand large space compared to other same category working platforms.

You can just start with a small space, and that can be even at your home. You will take orders and print on demand. In this process, you will have a lower risk of loss on your t-shirt screen printing business.

The blank t-shirt can be ordered from a local supplier on short notice. The best part of this screen printing business will be to become your own boss. Many printing shop near me is taking this opportunity with an open hand and making a lot of profit.

You can repeat the same business success formula. But before that, you need to read this article to have a clear picture of where you need to work to become successful. More essential points on this topic will be shared underneath.

Is the Screen Printing Business Profitable?

The profit margin for all businesses depends on the working structure. The screen printing business also stands on the same row. As you might already know, screen printing is best for bulk orders. Besides, screen printing is the cheapest option that you find on the market for t-shirt printing. 

The quality of the print is also at the same scale as digital printers. You just need to make sure that you have constant orders in your queue. So, the tools don’t need to seat ideals for a long period of time. On average, a screen printer can print around 150-180 t-shirts in 6 different colors per hour. 

You can demand $6 per t-shirt at a minimum scale. If you are printing 150 t-shirts per hour, then your revenue would be around $90 every single hour. Even if the cost is around $40, you will still have a profit of $50.

Many screen printing businesses are making a net profit of more than 100k every single year. You can also be part of the community as there is a huge demand for uniquely designed t-shirts. More on the screen printing will be shared in the next section.    

Where Should You Spend Your Money to Start a Screen Printing Business?

Are you still in jeopardy of your plan to start a screen printing business? Well, that is going to end here. We are going to show you a clear picture of how to invest in the business structurally. You will have a full view of the market scale to start a screen printing business. Let’s get down for more

Buying the Screen 

You will need to have the best screen for your printing work. Pre-stretched mesh screens are often called the image of the screen printing business. The cost margin varies depending on the quality of the screen. 

It would be best if you tried to have the best screen for the printing work as they are the main component of the printing business. Without a quality screen, you can never achieve a high-quality t-shirt printing outcome.    

Screen Preparation

You need to prepare the screen ahead of time with green screening. Let it dry at the lazy hour so that you can start immediately when work pressure resumes. The cost margin to prepare a screen will be around $1.5-$2.5. 

The scale occasionally does not go higher than that. Honestly speaking, it is going to be the most time-consuming and essential part of the screen printing business. Every single design will follow up with a new screen preparation, so it is essential only to accept bulk orders.  

T-Shirt for The Print

You will need a clean t-shirt for the screen printing work. You can order them in bulk on the wholesale market.100% cotton-made t-shirt will be the best option on the screen printing process. The price margin for each slot will be around $24-$30, depending on your order scale. 

More you can order at a time, more saving you can be done on the section. So, it is essential for you to take on bulk order t-shirts for your screen printing business. Screen printing can also work with papers. 

Ink for the Screen Printing 

Screen printing businesses are bound to buy ink on gallons. You can expect to print more than 1000 t-shirt in a single gallon. But still, you need to make sure that you don’t waste much ink during the screening period. 

On average, the ink cost is going to be around $0.5-$0.7. Always give priority to quality over quantity. Don’t get foolish with cheap products, as they can badly hamper your business reputation. The premium ink should be your only choice.  

Labor Cost 

The hourly labor rate demands where you are placing your business. It would help if you always tried to make sure that you have enough workforce to complete your orders in time. Full-scale productivity will always be beneficial for your business. 


You can take tests of your employ on how they perform on these functions. Take in the best candidate and have the best outcome from your screen printing business.

Time of Production

Screen printing is very quick on delivering quality goods. But still, you need to actively work to calculate the production rate and cost of the production. The profit margin should always be higher than the production cost of each hour. Otherwise, your screen printing business will never be successful in the long run. 

Final Verdict 

Every potential printing clients demand quality. Screen printing has the ability to print a high-quality image on fabric and paper. You need to identify the best market to start with your screen printing business.

Working in a region with lots of competitors is not a wise decision for small to medium scale businesses. You need to work on these points before you start to arrange a screen printing service business of your own. We are happy to see you this far reading. Check our other articles, which also have lots of information about the printing businesses.  

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