How to purchase Gemstones online – Tips and Tricks

Gems have a beauty unlike anything else; they allow light to enter and refract. Stones are very precious and rare. Nowadays there are several options to buy stones online. Stones are available in different colors – red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, pink, purple, grey, orange and even brown. They bring power and benefit an individual, especially the one who is spiritually inclined. The stones are also supposed to increase meditation span, assist in introspection and initiate self-realization. They are assumed to bring clarity to the vision, promote communication and love. From ancient times, India has been the hub of gemstones. Indians believed that the stones are associated with wealth and prosperity, and may add to creativity. They have been connected to stones in several ways. They thought that gemstones bring good health and happiness in a person’s life in addition to leading a person onto his/her spiritual journey. Gemstones can be worn as engagement rings or as stones embedded in any other form of jewellery. One can buy gemstones from a jewellery shop or one can buy a stone online also. Here are a few tips and tricks to guide you:

  • Checking the 4 Cs: Before you buy a stone online, keep the following four Cs in mind – Color or hue, Carat, Clarity or clearness and Cut or carve. The shade of the stone is decided by its saturation. Similarly the carat value reflects the stone quality. Clarity is decided by the inclusions seen through a bare eye. Finally, the cut of a stone is used to grade it. The higher the saturation and carat, the better it is. The lesser the inclusions and cuts, the better it is. 
  • The source and reasons for price: One safe trick is to check for the origin of the stones as it provides important information related to its quality. Since stones are mined at specific locations, it is imperative to gain information about the source. Another important aspect is the reason for price variation. The cost of buying a stone online may differ from the one bought otherwise. In a normal jewellery shop, there will be several miscellaneous charges also. However if you buy a stone online in India, there may be huge difference in the costs.   
  • Available shape and cut: Another tip is to check for the preferred shape and cut of the stones – round, square, spherical or heart-shaped. Knowing about the available shape and cut is vital to decide the final gemstone jewellery look. 
  • Fact check: These days gem identification reports and lab check reports, which check the quality and worth of the gemstones, are easily available. Most sellers provide an online copy as well as ship the report with the gemstone. When one is about to buy a stone online, the authenticity check can be of utmost value while making the purchase decision. Look for genuineness and validity before you decide to buy a stone online. 

Stones are prized possessions, very valuable to the owner. As a final tip, it is suggested to enquire and solicit all information to clarify any doubts before deciding to buy a stone online. It will not only satisfy you and eliminate any fear or suspicion about the stones but also get you a jewel for a lifetime. You will be surprised to know that buying a stone online in India is much more convenient and more economical than any other place.

Apply these tips and tricks to ensure that you buy a stone online in India and treasure it for a lifetime with a sense of fulfillment and pleasure at the most genuine stone price in india.

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