How to Keep Your Family Safe During Windstorms

Windstorms are a type of storm that is characterized by high winds which can reach near-hurricane speeds. These storms can cause damage to property and even injure people. Your family is the first thing you’ll think about when one hits, which is why we’re sharing what steps you should take to protect your loved ones. 


Keeping your family safe during any storm requires having a plan in place. This plan should include where you will go if you need to evacuate, how you will communicate with one another, and what supplies you will need. It’s good to review your plan regularly in case modifications need to be made, and just like schools and businesses, you should be drilling your emergency plan several times throughout the year. 

Safeguarding Your Home 

If you live in an area that is prone to windstorms, make sure you know the evacuation routes and have a plan for where you will go if things get too severe. Otherwise, most people see their home as the safest place to be during a storm. If you live in a mobile home, it is best to evacuate as these homes are not designed to withstand high winds. 

If you live in a site-built home, prepare it in advance to provide the most protection while sustaining the least amount of damage. Make sure that your home’s roofing is secure and in good condition. If you notice shingles falling off of your roof, it may be time to call a professional. Roofing experts have access the all of the materials needed to safely reinforce home roofing. In addition, they have the training needed to complete repair projects quickly. 

In addition, trim or remove trees that could potentially fall onto the house. Have a plan for what you will do if the power goes out, especially if one of your family members relies on electricity to power medical equipment. 

Checking In 

To avoid panic, have a plan for how you will communicate with your family members in case you’re separated. This can be done via text, phone calls, or social media. Make sure everyone has each other’s contact information and knows how to get in touch with one another. Designate a safe meeting place in case you’re unable to return home right away, or cell service is interrupted. 

Considering Other Essentials 

Taking safety precautions can help keep your home safe during harsh weather. This is especially true when it comes to severe windstorms as they can appear with little to no warning. When one hits, bring everyone inside and stay in a central room away from windows. If possible, unplug electronics and appliances to avoid damage from power surges. Quickly locate and verify your emergency kit, non-perishable food, and water. Be sure your flashlight and extra batteries are in a place easily located in the event it’s dark. 

When severe weather hits, a good plan and some advanced preparation will help everyone stay calm and feel more confident about the situation. 

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