How to hang curtains over blinds perfectly?

You can learn how to hang curtains over blinds from some sources. Using tension rods, Coat hooks, and tiebacks provides functionality while adding style. There are also No-No Brackets and Tiebacks available. These tools prevent the blinds from sliding. And remember to check the measurements first before hanging the curtains. The width of your window and the length of the blinds should be about the same. Make sure that the curtain sticks out about two inches past the blinds.

Best Ways For Hanging Curtains Over Blinds

Read on to learn more about how to hang curtains over blinds and know some styles for inspiration. And also, discover the best hanging ways along the way.

Tiebacks provide function while adding style

Tiebacks provide two main functions for curtains over blinds. First, they help control the amount of light entering the room. Second, they prevent the curtain from tattering and reduce wear on the curtain rod. And third, they can be easily removed and reattached to the window coverings. You can also purchase tiebacks separately or as part of a set with your curtains.

In addition to adding function to curtains over blinds, tiebacks can add style to these window treatments. Decorative tiebacks add a classic draped effect, and a single strand of fabric can be tied back to achieve the effect. A simple fabric tieback can create a swooping draped look, while a wall-mounted metal or decorative piece can be hidden behind the curtains.

Curtain holdbacks provide functionality while adding style to curtains over blinds. These decorative pieces attach to the wall directly behind the curtain. You can choose one that matches the design of the room. Another option is to use a curtain cover, which is a box-like structure that covers the curtain heading. Most curtain covers are made of wood, but some are upholstered to match the curtains.

Tension rods prevent blinds from sliding

To install blackout roller blinds behind your existing blinds, you can use tension rods. You can install blackout rollers behind existing blinds without drilling. Tension rods are ideal for those who want more choice and don’t want to deal with sliding blinds. Tension rods also prevent blinds from sliding. They can be purchased in different lengths. Here are some common uses for tension rods.

Before installing a tension rod, make sure that the window casing is level. If it’s not, adjust the curtain rod so that it runs level with the top of the window casing. You can also use a tension rod to hang additional Roman shades. Make sure the curtain rod is at a height where it won’t trap the ends of the curtains. After that, slide the rings onto the tension rod and hang them using clips.

Coat hooks

A simple but elegant solution to hanging curtains over blinds is to use coat hooks. You can easily buy different-sized hooks in different materials such as brass, iron, or stainless steel and hang them from your wall using screws. Curtains are secured to the hooks using fabric ties or curtain rings. Adding a coat hook to your window treatment gives it a stylish, modern look. You can also use the hooks as a weight to hang tablecloths.

One advantage of using coat hooks is that they are easy to install, unlike conventional curtain rod hardware. Unlike curtain rods, these hooks do not require any holes in the wall and are inexpensive to purchase. However, they require precise measurements to ensure an even distribution of weight. In addition, these hooks can be hard to open and close, so make sure you measure carefully. Then, purchase enough hooks for your window covering.

No-No Brackets prevent blinds from sliding

No-No Brackets are designed to hold your window treatments in place. They are a great solution when your blinds slide around a window. Whether they are mounted outside the window casing or inside the window, brackets will prevent them from sliding. In addition to brackets, you can also get liners for your window shades. Liners will give your window treatments a uniform exterior look and provide privacy. You can choose between a white semi-opaque or opaque backing, which will block up to 99% of the light.

No-No Brackets prevent blind slides from occurring. These brackets are available in nickel or oil-rubbed bronze and are designed for use on a 1-inch diameter curtain rod. The No-No Brackets are easy to install and come with 3M adhesive strips to prevent sliding. They are suitable for blinds that slide but may cause a potential tripping hazard.


These are some styles and ways for hanging curtains over blinds. But you should not have to do double to hang curtains and blinds on one window. Because there is more difficult to hang curtains and blinds in one window. 

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