How to Enable or Disable Comments on Tiktok?

Are you bored stiff with all of the remarks which you get on your TikTok Videos and you don’t understand a way to permit personalized TikTok comments? Well, you are in the proper area for buying the solution in your query.

TikTok is a popular social media website where users can submit short videos handiest and those brief motion pictures can be of 60 seconds in length at most.

TikTok additionally has this feature in which users of TikTok can put up a touch upon your TikTok movies and occasionally that can be very traumatic and if you need to show off this commenting feature, you could do it right away.

You can also learn how to scan the TikTok QR code. In this text, we’re going to offer you a guide on a way to enable or disable feedback on TikTok.

The steps to allow or personalized TikTok comments are as follows:

How to Turn Off Comments on TikTok

Steps to Enable or Disable Comments on TikTok

Step- 1: Open the TikTok App: The first required step of this process is to open your TikTok app after which log in to your TikTok account.

At the identical time make sure that your device has proper internet connectivity, otherwise, you will now not have the ability to finish the technique.

Step- 2: Tap on Profile Icon: When you open the TikTok app, the primary factor that you will observe is that there’s a video gambling on the house display.

Also, you will see a few icons at the lowest of the display and the rightmost icon would be of profile and this is the icon that you may need to faucet to transport beforehand.

Step- 3: Tap at the three Dot button: After you try this, you may be caused by a page dedicated to your profile, wherein you will see all of your profile information there on the display.

Also, you will find a 3-dot button that the top proper-hand facet of the display, and the three-dot button is the button that you ought to faucet.

Step- 4: Tap on “Settings and Privacy”: You will see that a pop-up menu has seemed on the display with one of the options of “Settings and Privacy” on it. Go in advance and tap on that settings-associated option.

Step- 5: Tap on “Privacy”: The subsequent page will open and there is simplest, you’ll locate one option to be “Privacy” that you may faucet.

Step- 6: Tap on “Comments”: When you entire the above steps, you may see a web page on your display with more than one alternative and amongst them.

One might be “Comments” and you’ll need to faucet on that option in order to visit feedback-related settings on TikTok.

Step- 7: Tap on “No one”: When you click on the “Comments”, you will see one choice called “No one”. You have to faucet in case you need personalized TikTok comments.

This changed into the final step of this education and if you already have disabled it within the comments you may additionally enable it from here only.

So now you already know a way to enable or Disable remarks on TikTok. Enjoy making films now.

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