How to Delete Duplicate Photos from Pen Drive


On the move, we record many memories, and when our smartphone’s storage capacity is complete, we back them up on a computer or a Pen Drive. Unfortunately, repeated backups can fill up a lot of storage space and produce many duplicate photos.

On our laptop, duplicate images are nothing less than clutter. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly scan duplicate images and find and delete duplicate photos from your PC or other storage devices.

The main contributor to the buildup of duplicate photographs and information on our PCs or any other storage device is the regular backup of our smartphones. A Pen Drive, SD Card, internal or external hard drive, or another device, depending on the occasion, events, and accessibility, is where most of us maintain a backup of our images.

On a Windows platform, several techniques are available to locate and remove duplicate images from any device, but not all are sufficient to remove all duplicate files. For example, the finest duplicate images fixer can identify and remove all the duplicate photographs with only one click. In contrast, manual approaches may take a lot of time and effort but cannot guarantee 100% results.

What Creates Duplicate Photos? 

Our quest to capture the best selfies or burst pictures drives us to strive for perfection. When we try to make a backup of our cellphones, we end up with multiple images since we didn’t choose the final version. Numerous copies may be produced by repeated backups, downloading the same collection of photographs, altering images, or making minor adjustments.

The frequent backup of our cellphones is the primary cause of the accumulation of duplicate images and data on our PCs or any other storage device. Most of us save a backup of our photographs on a Pen Drive, SD Card, internal or external hard drive, or another device, depending on the situation, events, and accessibility.

How to Remove Duplicate Photos Manually

Your data may be dangerous if duplicate photographs are found and deleted manually. The Microsoft Windows operating system has advanced significantly but still lacks an internal tool to locate and remove duplicate images or files from Windows. We may still use a few straightforward procedures in Windows 10 to manually identify and remove duplicate photographs.

1: To launch Windows Explorer on your PC, press (Win + E).

2: Connect your Pen Drive and use Windows Explorer to go through every folder and subfolder.

3: Right-click on the empty area, choose “View” from the pop-up menu, and then choose “Details.”

4: The images on the Pen Drive will be seen in detail. Sort them according to Name, Date Modified, and Size, and make sure no duplicates exist.

5: You can erase the undesirable name if there are identical names with (Copy) next to them, names that are similar and have the same changed date or size.

6: Right-click on the empty area, choose “View” from the pop-up menu, and then pick “Large Icons.” All of the photographs’ thumbnail images will be displayed. They can be sorted, and duplicate thumbnails may be found and removed.

7: To permanently remove duplicate images from a Pen Disk, SD Card, or internal or external hard drive running Windows 10, select each duplicate photo one at a time and press (Shift + Delete).

Delete Duplicate Photos Using an Automated Process

You may automate the procedure using one of the top duplicate photo fixers. Then, with just one click, duplicate images in various file or image formats may be found and removed from Pen Disk, SD Card, internal/external hard drive, or other storage devices. 

A universal product, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Windows is a universal product that works with Windows 11 and previous versions, macOS 10.7 or later, Android 4.1 and above, and iOS 8.0 and later. One of the most straightforward programs available for locating and deleting duplicate photographs from Pen Drives, internal/external HDDs, SSDs, SD Cards, USB Drives, 4K Drives, Network drives, and other storage media.

You may use Duplicate Photographs Fixer Pro to find duplicate photos on your chosen storage device by doing a fast or thorough scan. You may see the duplicate photographs discovered and choose which ones you want to delete. It can scan and compile a list of 56 different picture file formats with various file extensions. You may search using complex filters like file size, date, time, GPS coordinates, GeoTags, and more. The duplicate photographs are first removed from your device, and a proper backup is then made.

The Functions of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Although Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a user-friendly tool, using it is quite simple.

1: Downloading and installing Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro from its official website.

2: Launch the app and select “Add Photos” or “Add Folders.” Additionally, you may drag and drop photographs to search for duplicate pictures.

3: Select the custom scan to customize the matching level to your needs.

4: To begin the scanning process, click the “Scan for Duplicates” button to begin the scanning process.

5: You will receive the search results for indistinguishable photographs by the group. By default, all comparable photos are automatically chosen for elimination.

6: You may preview each photograph individually and check the images you want to keep as duplicates.

7: To permanently erase duplicate photographs, use the “Delete Marked” button to erase duplicate pictures permanently.

The Bottom Line 

Finding and removing duplicate photographs from a Pen Drive or other storage becomes challenging if they are scattered throughout many folders and subfolders on your storage device. You won’t be able to detect and remove duplicate photographs with 100% precision using the manual procedure. However, you may locate and delete duplicate pictures from Pen Drive with the aid of the top duplicate photo finders. One of the top duplicate photo finders that can assist you in scanning duplicate photographs is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to keep things tidy!

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