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How to combine agile and waterfall project management methodologies


Effective project management is Associated with Nursing kind. It’s the dedicated and deliberate act of taking a series of disparate threads and weaving them into one thing roaring and profitable.

There are dozens of outlined project management approach out there, however, these days we’ll be specializing in two: agile and body of water.

Agile project management could be a well-known and well-liked technique employed by several firms concerned with code development. Agile employs an Associate in nursing unvarying approach that focuses on continuous feedback cycles and code releases wherever groups are usually ready to increase potency, improve collaboration, and permit project needs to flex.

In comparison, the body of water project management breaks every project down into distinct phases, wherever every section entirely keens on the previous one. The intention is that every section flows along, just like the name suggests.

Agile Project management software is incredibly well-liked. So popular, in fact, that generally groups can want they need to use the strategy for her project, notwithstanding the result lands up feeling forced. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about what to think about once selecting between the 2 moreover however, you’ll be able to with success mix your favorite components with every to make your own custom hybrid approach.

Table of Contents

  • Choosing a strategy
  • Blending Agile and body of water

1-Choosing a methodology:

In the body of water project management, most comes are organized into 5 main phases: needs gathering, design, development, testing, and preparation. once employing a true body of water approach, a team can solely progress to consecutive project sections once the previous one has been completed.

Comparatively, in agile project management, groups can outline a smaller variety of upfront needs. After that, they’ll style, develop, test, and deploy a tiny low section (feature) supported by those initial needs. The feedback on the feature that’s then gathered and reviewed informs the necessities that may dictate the next cycle. This cycle repeats till the project team is glad about the ultimate product.

Waterfall project management has been used for many years and has earned its steadfast quality. It necessitates elaborated designing direct, which helps the team higher forecast the project price and timeline. The ultimate deliverable is outlined in nice detail, which makes development milestone pursuit and designing easier.

On the opposite hand, agile project management permits the project team to possess additional management over the project as it progresses and empowers team members to suppose creatively and propose new concepts throughout the project lifecycle.

In order for an Associate in a Nursing agile project to achieve success, there must be a high level of mutual trust between the project and also the product-neutral groups. Once evaluating if the project could be a smart candidate for agile project management, it’s vital to consider:

2-Combine Agile and waterfall:

When it comes right down to one project management approach or the opposite, our answer is simple: why not both? As appealing as a pure agile approach is, most homes don’t have ever more open all-over timelines or budgets. Generally, they have a touch facilitated by the structure of the body of water management system. There could be a hypothetic example:

A consumer involves an office asking to make a brand new promoting website for his or her B2B industrial company. They apprehend they need to incorporate some cool interactive options. concepts they bring about up within the sales method embrace a comprehensive project quote calculator, searchable materials information, Associate in nursing an integrated support chat feature. The consumer has capped their budget at a particular greenback quantity and is searching for steering on what options ought to be prioritized so as to remain inside that budget and supply the simplest ROI for his or her business.

At the minimum, we all know the project would force the planning and development of a brand-new website. We all know that they’re searching for further enhancements through partaking options. Once we’ve done our analysis and determined a way to range options, we are able to develop an Associate in the Nursing initial set of needs to accomplish inside the build and a minimum of one among the key options.

As it is made, tested, and reviewed with the consumer, we are able to re-evaluate the budget and timeline to determine if further practicality is stratified. Perhaps the quote tool ab initio solely permits website users to submit info via a general online type and receive some basic information upon submission; however, the consumer needs to create it easier to gather additional user information by desegregating the tool with their internal CRM system. Maybe, though, the consumer is pleased with the essential practicality and decides to pay a number of their freed-up budget on additional sturdy chat integration.

In this example, we have a tendency to see however Associate in nursing unvarying development approach ends up in additional flexibility for the client’s ending. we have a tendency to didn’t meticulously outline all of the advanced options upfront within the sales method, however, allowed the flow of the project to work out feature definitions in an Associate in Nursing organic process manner.

Here are other samples of agile project management methods that may be inserted into a standard body of water approach:

Allocating versatile parts of the allows further “features” outside of the most participant

Using the body of water approach throughout the planning section, and so stepping into Associate in nursing agile one for development by fitting sprints

Seeking continuous feedback through A/B testing and SEO watching, operating that feedback into sprint designing

At Windmill, we’ve found that investing in parts of the body of water and Agile project management is extraordinarily effective in the future success of our consumer comes.



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